I Lost My Treadmill Safety Key

Do you know that the treadmill of the early 1950s was a tool used to test cardiac stress? They’re the oldest treadmill that has a semblance to the ones we are familiar with in this modern-day, though.

Over time, treadmills grew in popularity and managed to make their way into gyms. Many modern treadmills have heart monitors, a feature that counts steps, fans, and even safety keys.

The way that safety keys work is that they’re attached to the operator’s clothes and would automatically stop the machine if the operator slips or falls. But do you know what the problem with these keys is?

People easily misplace them; this means someone can have a treadmill but won’t be able to use it because they lost the safety key. If this has happened to you and you want to know what other options you have, keep reading.

How Do Safety Keys Work?

Safety keys are of different types. However, they all do the same thing— function as a circuit breaker. This key is what allows you to manage the treadmill, especially in cases of emergencies. The way it does this is that, after being attached to the body of the operator via a cord, it recognizes when the person trips and immediately sends a command to the motor to stop. What’s more, the key can stop a child from using the treadmill.

Magnetic Safety Keys

This type of safety key is among the most popular. As its name implies, the magnetic key is a powerful magnet that draws a metallic strip and set it in place. By doing this, the key makes it possible for power to reach the motor. Magnetic safety keys are the simplest to change. You can do it by simply getting any magnet that can fit into the position of the safety key and inserting the magnet there. If after doing this, your treadmill still fails to start, find another stronger magnet.

Insertion Safety Keys

This is yet another common safety key. This key must be placed inside a slot before it can work. It is often designed with plastic and its job is simply to activate a switch that is inside the treadmill. If ever you lose this kind of key, replacing it wouldn’t be too difficult. Simply get any plastic object that is about the same size as the insertion key. Make sure the object can easily slip into the available slot and can activate the switch.

Some stylish insertion safety keys have elevated bumps on their surface. Each one of the bumps presses a button. Meanwhile, a combination of all these switches is what allows the treadmill to work. That said, this particular style of keys cannot be reproduced easily. You will have to buy a replacement if you need one.

Bar Keys

Bar keys are metallic and their job is to link two electrodes. The key typically completes the machine’s circuit. Despite being a metallic bar, the key is covered in plastic so that the user does not get electrocuted while using it. You also have to purchase a replacement if you need one because it is extremely dangerous to try and recreate one.

Getting Replacements

When looking for safety key replacements, the first place to look is at the manufacturers’ However, there are universal keys that can work as a replacement for any brand depending on the particular key you use. It’s not a good idea to tamper with the wiring of your treadmill or overrule the switch. This can cause injury to you.

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Last Updated on January 2, 2024