Best Spirit Treadmill Reviews 2024

This article focuses on the XT series of Spirit treadmills.

Spirit Fitness has five series of treadmills with almost the same basic feature, and some unique facility varies from model to model, according to individual need.

Let’s get started.

Best Spirit Treadmill Reviews 2024

Here are our 5 Spirit treadmill reviews 2024.

1. Spirit Fitness XT385 Treadmill

Spirit Fitness XT385

Short Product Specification:

  • Speed- 0.5 to 12 mph
  • Incline-15 levels
  • Max user weight-375 lbs
  • Display-7.5 inch
  • Programs-10
  • Best for-good console and monitor

Spirit XT385 is one of the top models of the XT series by Spirit, for its adequate level of the speed range, motor capacity, and several incline levels. It made with strong and durable materials and quite heavy of 293 pounds.

The machine runs with 3.5 HP motor and gives proper speed range started with 0.5 mph and increase up to 12 mph. 10 preset programs of manual, fat burn, cardio, hill, strength, interval, two users and two heart rate with 15 levels of incline ensure you with a top-level of exercise at home.

The console display size is 7.5-inch large, which provides you the latest progress of your workout very clearly. It has an ideal size tread belt for almost everyone; the strap is 22 by 60 inches. The machine can be used for nearly all the member of the family, as it can take up to 375lbs at a time. Current heart rate monitoring helps the user to choose a suitable workout plan for them.

The full dimension of the treadmill is 80 by 35 by 57 inches with two users and two heart rate monitoring facilities. The machine also has a direct access key of speed and incline, even with remote handlebar toggles, so that they can be controlled directly with this folding system treadmill. A safe drop cushioning system and the folding system makes the treadmill use more comfortable and supportive.

Short Key Features:

  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Folding facility
  • Direct speed and incline keys
  • Safe drop feature


2. Spirit Fitness XT285 Treadmill

Spirit Fitness XT285

Short Product Specification:

  • Motor 3.0 HP
  • Belt- 20 x 60 inches
  • Display-7.5 inch
  • Speed- 0.5 to 12 mph
  • Incline- 12 levels
  • Best for-12 level of incline

There is some key factor that indicates a good and well-designed treadmill, and Spirit XT285 model is undoubtedly one of them. It designed with 3.00 HP powerful motor with an adequate speed range of 0.5 to 12 mph maximum. The twelve incline level with 0 incremental increase makes the treadmill more classy and usable.

The XT285 comes with a comfortable and wide belt of 20 by 60 inches, also with a soft drop system. It has a 1-inch phenolic and silicone lubricated folding system deck to gives the users the most benefit. The 7.5 inches big blue backlit display can provide you with all your current workout progress.

This model of Spirit comes with eight preset programs of manual, fat burn, hill, strength, cardio, interval, and TWO heart rate. It is also available with reading rack facilities and Bluetooth compatibility to enjoy some music and make you work out more fun. Direct access to the speed and incline button is another lucrative feature of this Spirit treadmill.

All the feature makes this treadmill more durable and reliable for an extended period. It will give better support to the users. The full dimension of the machine is 80 by 35 by 58 inches, with a maximum user weight of 350lbs. All the treadmill of Spirit includes 30-year of lifetime motor warranty, one year apart, and labor, five years of frame warranty.

Short Key Features:

  • Folding facility
  • Bluetooth compatibility
  • Reading Rack facility
  • Direct access to speed & incline


3. Spirit Fitness XT485 Treadmill

Spirit Fitness XT485

Short Product Specification:

  • Motor 4.0 HP
  • Speed-0 to 12 mph
  • Belt-22 by 60 inch
  • Max user weight- 425 lbs
  • Display-9 inch
  • Best for- 15 level of incline

Spirit XT485 comes with a more versatile number of preset workout plans, two more workouts than the oldest models of Spirit. It gives an excellent speed range starting from 0.5 mph and increases up to 12 mph, with 15 incline levels. Twelve preset programs include fat burn, manual, hill hike, cardio, strength, fusion, calorie, 2 users, and two heart rate newly added.

It provided an extra level of safety to the users with its 22 by 60-inch wide belt and two-ply support. One inch phenolic and silicone lubricated folding system makes the use more comfortable and supportive.

The full dimension of the treadmill is 81.9 by 34.8 by 56.9 inches, with a maximum user weight of 425lbs, which is quite substantial.

The 4.0 HP motor not only just give horsepower to the machine is also very durable and reliable. The XT485 has the right key to speed and incline control for comfortable use. The exclusive fusion Cardio and strength workout help to keep you inspired and motivated for a more extended period.

This model is suitable and lucrative for someone comfortable with a walk or an avid run. The 9 inches blue backlit LCD can feature as an oversized monitor. It can provide you with nine data related to your work out at a time.

Short Key Features:

  • Quick and direct speed key
  • Direct incline key
  • Compatible with Fit app
  • Spacious deck


4. Spirit Fitness XT685 Treadmill

Spirit Fitness XT685

Short Product Specification:

  • Incline-15 Levels
  • Programs-12
  • Display- 9 inch
  • Speed-0.5 to 12 mph
  • Max user weight-425lbs
  • Best for- 4.0 HP,DC motor

Spirit XT 685 treadmill is one of the latest treadmills by Spirit, and it has a sound review under Spirit treadmill review with a powerful 4.0 HP motor. It provides the highest level speed of Spirit. Walking speed can start with 0.5 mph, and it can increase up to 12 mph. it provides 0.1 mph of incremental adjustment for the beginners.

The perfect speed range and 12 levels of incline facility can control with the remote handlebar toggles. The big size 9 inch blue backlit LCD shows all the information clearly, the heart rate and muscle activation also show in the monitor. It conveys nine pieces of data at a time and keeps the user informed about the time, distance covered, calorie burn, incline, speed, etc.

The large and full 22 by 60-inch running belt provides a superior level of safety to the users. For comfortable and easy use, the treadmill is available with quick access buttons, speed and incline are under these buttons. That means the speed and incline levels can control directly without any hazard.

The Bluetooth facility is one of the lucrative parts of this machine. The machine can connect with the Fit App via Bluetooth and can hear non-stop music to make the workout fun. Twelve preset workout programs give an option to the users to customize their workout.

Short Key Features:

  • Remote control handlebar
  • Bluetooth compatibility
  • Direct access to speed and incline
  • Bright and clear blue backlit screen


5. Spirit Fitness XT185 Treadmill

Spirit Fitness XT185

Short Product Specification:

  • Motor-2.75 HP
  • Speed-0.5 to 10 mph
  • Incline-10 levels
  • Display-7.5 inch
  • Best for-display nine pieces of data at a time

Spirit Fitness XT185 treadmill by Spirit is the entry-level treadmill of the company. It has the same reliability as other models, with just a few differences. It gives a sound and moderate level of service with its 2.75 HP motor.

It provides an adequate range of speed starting with 0.5 mph and can increase up to 10 mph. It also offers ten levels of incline facility so that one can enjoy the proper workout environment with his/her needed level.

All the treadmills of Spirit especially take care of the user safety, and the same goes for the XT185 model. It provides 20 by 55 inches of a vast and long belt to keep safe, with one ply.

The 7.5 inches blue backlit LCD shows at least nine information at a time; they are time speed, distance, elevation, pace, calories, laps, time, heart rate, etc. The treadmill has six preset workout plans, manual, hill, cardio, fat burn, interval, and strength exercise.

The full dimension of the treadmill is 77 by 35 by 58 inches, with the maximum user weight of 275lbs. It also has ¾ inch phenolic and silicone lubricated folding deck to hold tab or mobile. So anyone who needs fewer programs or inclines available treadmill this Spirit inspire treadmill is the right choice for them.

Short Key Features:

  • Direct access key
  • 6 type of preset workout
  • Adjustable cooling fan
  • More effective workout

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Spirit treadmills good?

Spirit is a well-known company who tried to maintain their quality and built a well-designed treadmill with less maintenance cost. At present, they provide some long-lasting and reliable treadmill without suffering from quality control. Spirit treadmills are nowadays some of the most potent, safe, and comfortable machines available at the market.

Where are spirit treadmills made?

The treadmills by Spirit design and manufactured by a company named Dyaco, a multinational company. This company is situated and operated their work from Taiwan. The company also produced different kinds of fitness equipment for home and commercial users of various countries. The company works hard to build the highest quality fitness equipment.

Where to buy a spirit treadmill?

Treadmills by Sprit are available at many online and physical shops. If you want to buy it from home, then you can buy it from amazon, one of the most trustworthy online shops, and Sprit is also available at, an Asian sky, Shah Sports, SPRIT Fitness, and so on.

Buying Guide Of Spirit Treadmill

To choose or buy a treadmill, one needs to consider some critical factors in mind. Spirit offers five kinds of a treadmill; all of them have almost the same primary facility with a unique feature to find.

So After considering essential factors, one will get a decent idea about their need and what they are getting from which treadmill by Spirit if their demands are matching with the model then they can go for it.

There is some basic feature to consider before buying any of the treadmills like testing, motor capacity, budget, cushioning, and display, and so on. But when you are buying spirit treadmill, choose among the five models, here are some factors to consider:

Check before buy: It’s better to check or test the treadmill before buying it; there are five models by Spirit to test. You should buy the one which adjusts you most after checking Spirit treadmill reviews.

Variety of programs: Spirit treadmills provide six to twelve preset workout plans, which vary model to model. So if you are okay with fewer workout plans, then go for the minimum programs available of the XT185 model, and maximum applications go for XT485 and XT685 model.

Console: Console means the capacity of information display; almost all the treadmills of Spirit has an LCD monitor with blue Backlit with different monitor size. And few offer heart rate observation and muscle activation rack.

Need for speed: The choice of gear depends on the type of exercise you want to do. All the spirit treadmill offers to start the lowest rate of 0.5 mph, but the highest speed varies model to model. So chose the model according to need.

The number of inclines: Nowadays, the number of incline level or range becomes a critical issue to consider. Spirit offers 10 to 12 degrees of incline vary from model to model.

The capacity of the motor: The function of the engine reflects the durability and reliability of the machine. Spirit has the lowest motor capacity of 2.75hp, and the XT685 model has a 4.0hp-dc motor.

Size of the belt: The size of the belt reflects the safety provided by the treadmill while walking. Spirit offers an adequate level of protection with almost the same belt size with five models.

Deck facility: All the spirit model except XT685 has silicone lubricated folding deck, and the XT685 model has a non-folding double-sided deck facility. So that you can hold your IPad or mobile to watch a movie or play music.

Maximum user weight: The weight capacity of the treadmill needs to consider if you are bulky and concern about your weight. The five models of the Spirit can take up to 275lbs to 475lbs. So you can choose the model according to your weight.

Dimension: The size or dimension of five treadmills by Spirit slightly differs from one another. They almost offer the same proportion, so you have to check the original size and choose the specific model according to your needs.

Summary – Which Spirit Treadmill Should I Buy?

Four of the Spirit treadmills are available in the folding system, and the fifth one comes in un-folding design.

So if anyone wants the folding system with ten preset plans and with all the moderate quality, Spirit XT385 treadmill is a better option to choose.

But if anyone wants a un-folding system with maximum workout plans and high-quality motor, the Spirit XT685 treadmill is better.

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