​Slim Detox Plus Reviews – Best Colon Cleanse For Weight Loss

Slim Detox Plus Reviews – Best Colon Cleanse For Weight Loss

The human body must always get rid of the waste it accumulates. The colon is an important organ that absorbs water, vitamins, and electrolytes that the small intestine has not absorbed.

When the bowel remains in the colon for too long, it fosters the absorption of toxins and the growth of bad bacteria, yeast, and different kinds of viruses.

This prevents the colon from absorbing nutrients and water. In addition, if there is a lot of bowel in the colon, new undigested waste will not be passed smoothly. Constipation usually occurs when the colon harbors a lot of old undigested waste.

A clean colon is very critical for good health. A healthy digestive track affects the overall well-being of a person. Even if you have a regular bowel, an average person stores an extra 7 to 10 lbs. of hardened bowel around the inner walls of the colon. Even if the colon can handle up to 8 meals worth of weight, it is detrimental to ignore colon health.

Without taking extra measures to clean your bowel, the hardened bowel will never be flushed out of your system. Good thing there is Detox Plus Colon Cleansing System.

What Is the Detox Plus Colon Cleansing System?

​Detox Plus pills help your body flush out undigested waste. The surface of the colon is not like a smooth tube. Rather, it has ridges and deep pockets.

​These are the places where bowel gets lodged for several months and years. Did you know that the build up of toxins in the colon is linked to unwanted effects such as lack of concentration, poor metabolism, inability to lose weight, imbalance in hormones and blood pH levels, infertility, yeast infection and even vision problems?

​No matter how healthy your diet and lifestyle may be, if your colon is not cleansed, your body will continue to deteriorate slowly.

​Unlike other colon cleansing products in the market, Detox Plus works on the cellular level. It is not like just like a laxative. Rather, it helps the cells in the colon, small intestine and also the liver to get rid of their toxins.

​So in addition to emptying your colon of waste buildup, it also cleanses and detoxifies on a cellular level. Each bottle contains 90 vegetarian capsules which is enough for intensive colon cleansing for 30 days.

Slim Detox Plus Reviews

When in doubt with a product, always check for reviews online. Remember that this supplement is meant for cleansing the colon. Weight loss varies from person to person. Here are some of the reviews:

This product certainly makes you go to toilet more frequently which makes you feel ‘lighter’ so I do like it.

Excellent product. Nice to see instructions on the pot! Does what it says for a good clear-out without any horrid side effects. Would recommend and buy again in six months’ time.

Very good product, just stay close to the toilet! Did make me feel great, but would only do a detox rarely – once a year is fine.

The efficiency of this product is based on the synergistic actions of its main ingredients.

  • check-square-o
    ​Capes ​​​​Aloe
  • check-square-o
    ​Magnesium Sulphate
  • check-square-o
    ​Rhubarb Root
  • check-square-o
    ​Capsule Shell (HPMC)
  • check-square-o
    ​Psyllium Husk Powder
  • check-square-o
    ​Prune Extract
  • check-square-o
    ​Anticaking Agent (as Magnesium Stearate)
  • check-square-o
    ​Bulking Agent (as Microcrystalline Cellulose)

The active plant ingredients are known to stimulate contractions of the colon. Psyllium husk powder is a known plant fiber that sweeps intestinal parasites and causes bowel to move faster. It has been proven that fibrous foods help bowel move 75% faster.

Detox plus colon cleanse side effects

​There are no serious side effects from using this health product. However, just like any process of waste reduction in the body, it is normal to feel mild discomfort such as stomach pain due to the increased movement of bowel along the colon.

Make sure that you are at home when using this product because you will be expected to pass your bowel 2 to 4 times a day, especially if it’s your first 3 days of using this product.

Drink a lot of water and fruit juices to prevent dehydration. If you find yourself uncomfortable with frequent bowel movements (more than 4 times), it is recommended that you reduce your dosage to half of the recommended dosage.

​Where Can I Buy Detox Plus?

​You can buy this product from the main website Evolution Slimming. Worldwide shipping is available.

One bottle retails today for US$19.95, discounted from US$10.when you buy 2 bottles and US$34.95 discounted from US$25,when you buy 3 bottles which is good for 3 months.

You do not have to follow a special diet when taking this product. However, it is advised to increase your fluid intake (1 to 2 liters) and to avoid foods with a lot of spices (e.g. curries) to avoid irritating the stomach.

If you plan to lose weight, it is recommended to cleanse your colon first. Before changing your diet, buy Detox Plus and take it for a month. Many users like to take this product along with Raspberry Ketones and Acai berry (both are also available from Evolution Slimming).

The maximum dosage period is 3 months. One or two 3-month intensive colon cleansing per 1 calendar year is recommended. You may also take this product on lower dosages for maintenance after 3 months.

Where Can I Buy Detox Plus?
Is colon cleansing a good way to eliminate toxins from your body?