Rowing Machine 350 lb Weight Capacity

Are you looking for a suitable rowing machine 350 lb capacity as per your requirement? If yes, this article will be a great help for choosing the most appropriate one as per your necessity.

You can get a brief idea from the short product specification and a 360-degree view of its narrative parts. Hope you choose the best one.

Top 7 Rowing Machine 350 lb Weight Capacity

Here are our rowing machine weight capacity 350 lb reviews.

1. Sunny Health & Fitness Rowing Machine

Sunny Health & Fitness Rowing Machine

Short product specification:

  • Inline level: five
  • Maximum weight capacity: 350lbs
  • Seat quality: comfortable and fully padded.
  • Dimension : 55L x 22W x 18H
  • Best for full-motion capabilities

This Sunny Health & Fitness rowing machine is probably one of the best 350 lbs weight capacity machines. Its best feature is its full motion capability, which is possible for its nonslippery grip and gives a genuine rowing experience.

Again it has five incline levels, which allows us to adjust the incline as required. Rowing the solid and sleek aluminum inclines with the body gives an effective abs and legs exercise.

Its seat is very comfortable and fully padded, which has a dimension of 11L X 14W X 2H inches, makes the exercise restful. Its large and anti-slippery entirely fits the feet and helps to keep balance and makes workout efficient. A digital monitor is included, which shows total count, time, calories burned, and resp/minute.

The dimension of the rowing machine is 55L X 22W X 18H, and the weight is 39lbs. Its maximum weight capacity is 350lbs.


2. EFITMENT Total Motion Rowing Machine

EFITMENT Total Motion Rowing Machine

Short product specification:

  • Frame: steel made
  • Resistance level: twelve
  • Monitor: Digital display
  • Seat: comfortable and padded
  • Best for full-motion rowing

EFITMENT Total Motion rowing machine is another alternative of the best rowing machine 350 lb—weight capacity.

It allows us to do full motion rowing and gives the experience of real rowing experience. The comfortable and anti-slippery handles help to have additional control over-exercise. Moreover, twelve resistance levels allow the facility to select resistance according to its necessity. You can do cardio and tighten your muscle of arms by rowing in this rower.

The rower has ergonomic features too. It has large foot pedals, anti-slippery, helps keep the legs confidently, and engages leg muscle during rowing. Its padded and comfortable seat supports exercising for a long time.

This rower is made of steel and has a heavy-duty construction. The slide rail length is 38 inches, and its weight capacity is up to 350 lbs.

A digital monitor comes with the rower showing the time, count, burned calories, and resp/minute. There is a tab or mobile holder where you can keep your device and enjoy your favorite show or listen to your favorite music.


3. Soozier Adjustable Fitness Home Workout

Soozier Adjustable Fitness Home Workout Rower Glider Machine

Short product specification:

  • Frame: heavy-duty steel
  • Resistance: changeable
  • Monitor: LCD
  • Dimension : 46-48″(L) x 30″(W) x 10″(H)
  • Best for Full body workout

Soozier is another right choice for best rowing machine 350 lb. Weight capacity. It allows us to do a full-body workout. You can use your back, arms, core, and legs for rowing, which tightens the body parts’ muscles and helps achieve fitness goals. So if you are looking for a rowing machine that can impact your full body, you should go for this one.

The resistance of the hydraulic cylinder of the rowing machine is easily changeable with its tension knob. So you can change the resistance according to your necessity and fitness level. You can set the resistance level according to your workout intensity requirement.

Soozier has heavy-duty steel frame construction, which makes it durable and long-lasting. An LCD comes with the machine, which shows performance updates time, count, and speed. The rower’s dimension is 46-48 inches in length, 30 inches in width, and 10 inches in height.


4. HCI Fitness Pro rower Indoor Water Rowing Machine

HCI Fitness Prorower RX-750

Short product specification:

  • Adjustability: easily adjustable
  • Footrests: adjustable
  • Monitor: large and comfortable to read
  • Rate receiver: built-in
  • Best for: relaxing and smooth workout

HCI Fitness is another rowing machine with a 350lb capacity. This rower has a hydropower drive arrangement, which is very innovative. This system provides an on-the-water rowing experience that does the exercise very smooth and reviving; the water’s sound also helps to feel like real water rowing.

Another comfortable thing is its easily adjustable pivoting footrests, which is readily usable. These footrests make the rower fitted for everyone of every size.

A large and easily readable display comes with the panel that shows the distance, exercise time, five hundred split times, strokes per minute, calories burned, and heart rate. The rower also has a built-in heart-rate receiver.


5. Velocity Exercise Air Magnetic Rower

Velocity Exercise Vantage Programmable Air Magnetic Rower

Short product specification:

  • Monitor: large LCD monitor
  • Band Material: Nylon
  • Design: foldable
  • Portability: easily portable
  • Best for Sixteen resistance level

The Velocity rower is another substitute for a rowing machine 350lb capacity. This rower has sixteen tension resistance levels that allow adjusting the workout’s resistance and intensity as per necessity. This variety in adjustability of resistance helps to do sufficient training and accomplish an individual fitness goal.

It comes with a backlit LCD monitor. The monitor is extra-large, which makes it easily readable. The height of the monitor is adjustable so that the rower can adjust the monitor conveniently. The monitor displays heart-rate, count, burned calories, time, etc. Moreover, the built-in heart-rate monitor shows the heart rate accurately.

The rower’s band makes of nylon, and It makes the rowing quiet and less disturbing to others, making it suitable for both home and office use.

The design of this rower is foldable, which makes it storage. We can fold the rower and place it in any place according to our convenience. The built-in wheels make it movable so we can work out in our suitable place


6. SereneLife Rowing Machine

SereneLife Rowing Machine

Short product specification:

  • Construction: heavy steel metal
  • Resistance: adjustable
  • Warranty: one year
  • Weight capacity: 250lb maximum
  • Best for: both magnetic and air rowing

The best quality of this rower is it’s capable of both air and magnetic rowing. It helps to do full body and low impact workout, including legs, shoulders, triceps, biceps, and forearms, which effectively achieve a fitness goal. This rower is best suited for both home and gym use.

This SereneLife Rowing Machine has eight levels of resistance, which is adjustable with only an easy button twist. So we can easily customize the resistance level according to our prerequisite and make our fitness journey effective.

The construction of the rower is hefty, which makes it durable. It makes of engineered ABS and steel metal composite, making this a premium quality rower and long-lasting. It’s powerful and can hold a weight of 250lb maximum, making the rower capable of almost every size and weight of people.

This rower is an ideal option for cardio fitness, sports training, losing weight, and burning fat. It has advanced built-in technology, which measures distance, time, strides, and burned calories. It comes with a one-year equipment warranty and has a contact center to resolve the user’s and buyers’ quires.


7. Sunny Health & Fitness Water Rowing Machine

Sunny Health & Fitness Water Rowing Machine

Short product specification:

  • Dimension : 80” L x 22” W x 34” H
  • Seat dimension: 10” L x 12” W x 2” H
  • Monitor: LCD monitor
  • Rowing: steady and smooth
  • Best for 300 lbs weight capacity

Another right choice for the rowing machine is the Sunny Health & Fitness one. It goes best for the sober weighted person. This rower’s maximum weight capacity is up to 300 lbs, which makes it capable for people of every size. While most of the rower in the similar range has around 250lbs this rower has 300lbs capacity. Moreover, its leg inseam capacity is less than forty-nine inches.

The water of the rower generates steady and smooth rowing, which reproduces the experience of genuine rowing. The steel-made fan blades and flywheel help get instant resistance with every stroke, giving the user an exclusive experience.

The dimension of the rowing machine is 80″ L x 22″ W x 34″ H and the dimension of the comfortable seat is 10″ L x 12″ W x 2″ H. the length of the slide rail is forty-two inches, and the inseam length of the slide rail is thirty-eight inches.

The rower set includes a rower and an LCD monitor. The monitor shows the rowing update as time, count, speed, heart rate, calories, etc. The monitor can also synchronize with any 5.3KHZ heart-rate monitor.



Each of the above rowing machine with 350lb weight capacity is quite good and has slight differences. First, you have to determine your requirements and needs; then, you should then analyze which one from the above suits your requirements better.

However, seemingly the Sunny health rowing machine is a superb one to make your rowing experience smooth, reviving, and efficient.

Last Updated on January 15, 2024