Low Impact Cardio Workout

Top 5 Low Impact Cardio Workout

Low-impact exercises are for those who just started working out recently or after a long time started working out again, especially if anyone has injuries or joints problems. These exercises are very safe but effective.

Though it is safe and puts less stress on joints, it doesn’t mean it is easy and won’t make you tired.

These exercises try to spread the stress on your joints so that you don’t feel much pressure on them and help you to prevent achy joints.

Now, there are many low-impact cardio exercises. Among them, we have chosen the top 5 and discussed them in this article. These five exercises are also perfect for a regular workout session. These exercises will take a test of your muscle and cardiovascular system. Let’s explore these five exercises.

1. Swimming


One of the best low-impact exercises is swimming. It burns calories fast and makes your muscles strong.

At first, it seems a specific workout because your weight gets supported by water. But water only helps you by putting less stress on joints. Otherwise, it is a very tough exercise. It combines flexibility, strength, and cardio in one movement.

Swimming is one of those exercises that cover the upper and lower body at a time. There are many types of swimming, like freestyle, butterfly, etc. Different strokes cover the various muscles of the body. But it mostly covers all of your muscles from triceps, shoulders, quads, core muscles, and pecs.

Swimming can burn a lot of calories in a short amount type. If you swim for half an hour, you can burn almost 220 to 270 calories based on your weight. The lower range is for people of 125 pounds or less, and the higher degree is for people of 185 pounds or more.

2. Rowing on the Rowing Machine

rowing machine workouts

Rowing is another type of low-impact exercise that helps you to improve strength and stamina.

It is not a weight-bearing exercise. It puts less pressure on your lower body joints and effectively burns your calories.

For rowing, you have to have either a rowing machine at home or go to the gym. While rowing, you should have to keep a proper form. If you row in the gym, the gym trainer will help to keep the correct way, but for home rowing, here are some tips for you about how to row correctly:

  • At first, by bending your knees, sit on the rowing machine. Then keep your feet on the footrest and hold the rowing machine handle. Keep your shins aligned with the upper part of the body and keep your arms straight slightly bent towards the handlebar.
  • Then press your feet against the footrest and bring your upper part of the body backward, which should be vertically aligned with the ground while pulling the row. At the same time, extend your legs completely.
  • Let your body bend towards the machine and after your arm passing the knees, start bending your legs and start again from the first position. And follow the process continuously.

Rowing at an average pace can burn calories from 260 to 310 in 30 minutes. The lower range is for 155 pounds, and the higher degree is for people over 185 pounds.

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3. Kickboxing


At a glance, kickboxing seems like high-impact cardio, but it’s not. It incorporates cardio with boxing and makes you sweat in a short period.

For doing this exercise, a punching bag is not necessary. You can perform your boxing and kick in the air, and it ensures low-impact.

While kicking in the air, make sure you don’t put extra pressure on ankles and knees. You can make a set of kick and boxing and follow it while working out. For your help, we’ve given below a group. You can try it.

  • First, front jabs for 1 minute
  • Then, front kicks for 1 minute
  • After that, jumping kicks for 1 minute
  • Then, take 2 minutes of rest
  • After rest, bob and weave for 1 minute
  • Uppercuts for 1 minute
  • Back kicks for 1 min
  • At last, take 2 minutes of rest

You should try this complete set for three times. And after that, you’ve done 30 minutes of kickboxing. Thirty minutes of kickboxing can burn calories, almost 260 calories, for 155 pounds and 310 calories for 185 pounds.

4. Total Resistance Exercise

Total Resistance Exercise

A Navy Seal develops total resistance exercises, also known as TRX. This exercise uses body weight and gravity for cardio and strength workout. You can adjust the difficulty level depending on your fitness.

This exercise needs straps for safety. At first, you have to do some research about the proper way of doing this exercise. Or you can take help from a professional trainer. They can show you some basic moves for this exercise.

For TRX, follow the set of exercises given below three times:

  • First, squat kick for 30 seconds
  • Then rowing for 30 seconds
  • Then, take rest for 1 minute
  • After that, overhead squat for 30 seconds
  • Then. 30 seconds of skaters
  • At last, take 2 minutes of rest

If you follow this set and do elliptical, you can burn almost 300 calories if your weight is 155 pounds or less. If your weight is over 185, you can burn nearly 355 calories.

5. Home-made Cardio

Home-made Cardio

If you don’t have gym equipment at home or cannot go to a gym, you can make a set of cardio exercises and perform them at home. Make sure you choose low-impact exercises to put less pressure on joints.

You can perform the following set:

  • Jump and run in place for 30 to 45 seconds
  • Then take 1 minute of rest
  • Mountain climber for 30 to 45 seconds
  • Then again, take 1 minute of break
  • After that, jumping jack for 30 to 45 seconds
  • At last, take 1 minute of rest

Follow this set three times for completing the full exercise. It can burn almost 260 to 311 calories based on the weight of the performer.


Low-impact exercises can help you excellently on working out. You can do these workouts while you have achy joints or injuries, but if you recover or fit enough to perform high-impact activities, then go for it and do some intense exercise to keep yourself fit.

Last Updated on January 1, 2023

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