3M Littmann Classic III Stethoscope Review 2024

The Bottom Line Littmann Classic III Stethoscope

The Littmann Classic III Stethoscope is the perfect device for users who want versatility & results as it is capable of monitoring and rapidly assessing a more extensive array of patients without issue.

It detects practically any abnormal rhythms or sounds and works perfectly well in non-critical environments.

This stethoscope also comes with a tunable double diaphragm and boasts a top-notch build for a cleaner and noise-free sound quality. The Littmann Stethoscope Classic III is easily among the best stethoscope in the market, and here you will know why.

Brand Name3M Littmann
Item Weight5.3 ounces
Length27 inches
Chestpiece Design/MaterialDouble Sided/Machined Stainless Steel
Ideal ForNurses & Nursing Student
Warranty 5 yr manufacturer's
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  • Double tunable diaphragm chestpiece provides versatile, high-quality performance
  • Exceptional build with high-quality tubing and earpieces promotes a more durable & reliable experience
  • First-rate dual-lumen tubing with rubber exterior helps to achieve a clear and noise-free sound quality


  • Double diaphragm may produce a slight interference when using

Littmann Classic III Design

The 3M Littmann Classic III stethoscope is a magnificent piece of medic equipment without a doubt, and you can spot that directly with its design.

Coming in two different models of 22 and 27 inches accordingly and going from 175 to 180 grams in each, this is the perfect design for users who want versatility.

With the dual-lumen tubing, you get a product that is stiffer and slightly tighter than others. Yet, it is always comfortable and easy on the ears.

Accessories & Parts

There’s no point on reviewing the Littmann Classic III 27 stethoscope without going in-depth with the parts that comprise such a fantastic device.

Here’s what you should know about it; 

  • Diaphragm

A tunable diaphragm is always ideal for a stethoscope, but even more so when it is a double diaphragm. Users who want to get a much more versatile performance can get the best of low and high frequencies with this type of diaphragm.

This helps the user to apply whatever side to the patient and get precise frequency sounds without issues.

  • Eartubes

The whole purpose of the eartubes is to transport the sound from the chestpiece tubing towards the earpieces.

In this stethoscope, the snap-tight design with soft-sealing eartips provides an excellent acoustic seal for clear sound, delivering a much more effective performance without harming comfort.

  • Tubing

There’s no better choice for a stethoscope than the dual-lumen tubing that provides exceptional sound quality. It transports high and low frequencies without harming the delivery, reducing overall noise and keeping interference low.

The tubing is also resistant to the surface, preventing stains and delivering an oil and alcohol resistant exterior.

Key Features

A top-notch device will always come with a few features that set it apart from others. Here’s what the Classic III stethoscope offers that make it such a great choice;

  • Excellent Diaphragm & Sound

The high-quality sensitivity you get with its tunable diaphragm, make the chestpiece of the stethoscope a magnificent feature. When adding the dual-lumen tubing, the tunable diaphragms produce an even better sound quality, free of noise and reduced interference.

  • Versatile Operation

Whether it is a cardiologist, a pediatrician, or even a simple nurse – this stethoscope will work like a gem. Those who want to use in pediatric environment can take the single-piece diaphragm and transform it into a non-chill rim for easier use with children.

And of course, the whole chestpiece is designed for simple transformation when needed.

  • Reliable & Resistance Tubing

The tubing quality of the stethoscope is easily one of the most exciting parts of this tool. With its build, it offers a highly reliable and resistant experience, perfect against stains, skin, oil, alcohols and more.

And the build is free of rubber or plasticizers that could be contaminants.

  • Exceptional Design

The chestpiece offers the best of its design, with a double-sided stainless steel build, which keeps the device good-looking entirely.

This chestpiece also comes in six finishes: machined stainless steel, rainbow finish, black matte finish, smoke finish, champagne finish, and copper finish.  And for the tubing, the user can also pick between sixteen different colors.


The 3M Littmann Classic III 27 stethoscope is a performance-oriented device for demanding users. Despite a very affordable cost, this stethoscope delivers a first-rate sound quality that keeps noise and interference low.

It works perfectly well for different practitioners as well, as it comes with a double-sided chestpiece and variable diaphragm for more versatility.

It is the tubing, however, that promotes the exceptional quality of this device. The dual-lumen design not only transports sounds of different frequencies effectively to the earpieces, but it also reduces overall noise and supports a more definite sound delivery for exceptional results.

Who Should Buy 3M Littmann Classic III

The Littmann Classic III is not an option for everybody, but for just a little. It is one of the most versatile stethoscopes in the market, as most medical practitioners can use it without issues.

  • Cardiologists

Even though cardiologists need a very clear sound quality stethoscope, the Classic III will still fit their requirements completely. It can be used as a low-grade choice for inexpensive and fast evaluations.

Cardiologists may have a hard time spotting the slightest of rhythm or sound changes, but will surely spot the easiest ones.

  • Doctor

A general doctor may be the person who will enjoy this affordable stethoscope the most. With a high-quality sound delivery and very flexible design, doctors will love this stethoscope entirely.

It manages to keep assessments quick and produce reliable and accurate noise delivery of different frequencies.

  • Nurses

Nurses will also love the affordability and overall performance of this stethoscope. As nurses mostly use these devices for fast assessments, they will find this one perfect without a doubt.

Capable of reducing noise and most interference, nurses will find it ideal for most applications.

  • Pediatric

After just changing the diaphragm side with a non-chill rim, the stethoscope will be ready to work as a child or infant device. It will be perfect for fast evaluations and auscultation.

Other more-demanding pediatric activities may not be conceivable with this stethoscope, and it does not meet the minimum standards when it comes to sound clarity.

Littmann Classic III Stethoscope How To Use

Using a Littmann Stethoscope is as easy as peeling an orange. However, not everyone knows how to do it so it is vital to show how it should be done correctly.

  1. Grabbing the stethoscope by the eartubes, try to place each earpiece on the ears as comfortably as possible
  2. Then grab the chestpiece and hit it softly to know if the sound travels correctly. If it does, it is now time to place the chestpiece on the patient.
  3. It should be done softly to hear low-frequency sounds, and with pressure to hear high-frequency ones. This stethoscope, for example, offers the chance to use two sides of the chestpiece for different results.
  4. After getting the evaluation of the internal sounds, it is time to take off the earpieces from the ears and store it.
  5. Remember to fold it correctly or hang without harming it. And that’s it.

Why Does The Littmann Classic III Have this Rating

The Littmann Classic III Stethoscope is a wonderful product in every way. Not only it comes with one of the most versatile designs practically any medical practitioner can use, but it also provides top-notch performance for exceptional results.

Any assessment done with this stethoscope will be cleaner and more accurate than other options from most brands. With its two-sided chestpiece, it provides excellent versatility as well, and with a dual-lumen tubing, it keeps interference as low as you can imagine.

It works perfect for heart, lungs, and bowel sounds – and it will last for years; thanks to a superior stainless steel build. In short, you get a magnificent device in almost every way possible.

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