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Everything About LISS Cardio Workout

In recent days you might have heard of the term fitness people and trainers, which is “LISS cardio”.Have you ever wondered what this acronym means, and whats the goal of this cardio program?

The concept of the LISS cardio is pretty easy to understand. The full form of LISS is a low-intensity steady state. It’s high-fat burning cardio meant to be popular around fitness geeks.

Let’s see what LISS cardio is and if it should be included in your session or not. So wait for no further and dive below.

About LISS cardio

Although this form of workout activity has been around for years, everybody has recently been using the term LISS to refer to it. Low-intensity steady-state, aka LISS, is a cardiovascular workout plan which consists of power low to average. It possesses aerobic workout for often a more extended period than regular.

While doing this workout, the trainer prefers you to have your heart rate within 50 to 65 to your maximum heart is the mirror workout of the famous worldwide training among athletes and sports persons known as HIIT workout.

HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training. This workout is high bursts of intensity and then short break periods and then again bursting in high cardio intensity.

Your heart rate usually stays within 80 to 95 percent of your max heart rate in HIIT workout, which is almost half the LISS. Moreover, LISS workout has been named various names like low-intensity exercises, LSD(long slow distance workout), steady-state training. However, they are all the same in terms of results.

We all know that cycling, jogging, swimming needs consistency in the heart rate; you’ll feel tired very fast. You have to keep your rhythm and maintain the pace at the same time in these workouts. So yes, you guessed it right LISS is a combination of all these low-intensity workouts.

While LISS is an effective way to burn your calories and do aerobic training, it also requires more time to reveal the results. Unlike HIIT workouts, you won’t be associated with the improvements fast; instead, LISS takes more time.

As a result, some say that HIIT is better than LISS to gain your desired outcome. But at the end of the day, both plans depend on your perseverance and patience.HIIT might burn calories fast and burn your muscles. On the other hand, LISS might give you late results but won’t sacrifice your muscles. Even studies found no real difference in advantages in doing HIIT instead of LISS.

If it’s right for you

LISS cardio is an excellent introduction to fitness freaks because it is a much safer session than other workouts are, and it is appropriate for all levels.

If you can include this 45-60 min workout in your schedule and you’re into stepping up your cardio game, then this is the one for you.

Suppose you’re into marathons, triathlon, or any running sports, then LISS is a must for you. Cycling racing athletes also value LISS a lot.

How to start

  • If you’re an amateur, then try to do at least 3 LISS routines in your schedule.
  • If you’re above amateur or, in other words, in intermediate level, then try to do 1 or 2 sessions per weak
  • If you’re a pro or an advanced level, you can include LISS 3 or more times a week while also focusing on every other muscle group.

If you have any equipment like an elliptical, rowing machine, treadmill, bike, etc., you can easily do these workouts at your home. Just choose any of these and utilize the device by training at a steady pace for 45 to 60 min.

On the off chance that you incline toward practicing outside, you can hit the pavement for a long run or bicycle ride or head to the hills for a climb. Strolling at a moderate pace is another excellent type of LISS training.

If you think you’ll get exhausted doing the same kind of exercise, you can blend things up by doing a HIIT routine 1 or 2 days per week. Keep in mind, since HIIT is high-power, you have to work out for just 20 to 30 minutes.

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The benefits of LISS workout

Like all other forms of exercise, LISS has its advantages. It improves your blood flow as well as reduces your stress, ensuring your mental serenity. It also improves your brain function and lessens the risk of od heart diseases. Let’s focus on its advantages more deeply.

Appropriate for all levels: This workout is suitable for members of all ages and levels. As it is simple exercises like rowing, cycling, or swimming, it leads you to a swifter body functioning. Pro-level trainees use it as an endurance training unit.

Fat burning and weight loss: LISS enables your body to use only your body fat to generate energy and, as a result, burns a lot of calories. So you can cut your body fat percentage on a secured progression. Studies approved that aerobics has more impacts rather than HIIT in terms of fat burning.

Easier recovery: Unlike HIIT or other bodybuilding exercises, LISS workout lets your muscles and organs relax and recover fast enough. It provides you the assurance of no later lag or lethargic movement in your body.

Endurance increase: it is also an effective form of training to increase endurance. As you quickly recover from these sessions, you can soon train everybody and ict=rease the level progressively.

Another side of the coin

Usually, the LISS workout takes 45 to an hour to be completed by a trainee. It results in less focus on building muscles or strengthening the core. As there are fewer variations, some might find the LISS workout boring.

Working out with a friend or listening to your favorite track is to encourage by the experts. Also, you might increase the risk factor of injuries as you are doing the same workout too.

The reality

LISS, or low-power consistent state cardio, is frequently connected with running, cycling, swimming, lively strolling, and other cardio exercises that require low-force practice for more extended periods, ordinarily 45 to an hour.

Studies have indicated that LISS cardio may assist Burning fat more viably than higher-force exercises. It’s appropriate for all fitness levels.

For most significant advantages, attempt to incorporate both HIIT and LISS sessions in your fitness plan. If you have any health issues, then talk to your doctor before starting any new workouts.

Last Updated on July 28, 2022

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