Best Knee Walkers Reviews 2024

What do you use as leg support when you have Injuries?

What was prevalent back then for this kind of support was crutches.

Now, with the innovation of knee walkers, modeled like a child scooter, the use of crutches have been sidelined.

The knee scooter is efficient and easy to use, it is convenient when you want to move around and great walking aid for the elderly.

Top 4 Recommended Knee Walkers In 2024

Here are the top r knee walkers reviews 2024.

1. Drive Medical DV8

Drive Medical DV8

It can be tough to do your daily house chores when you have a leg injury. It can be even more so when you have to go to town to run a few errands. Thanks to the strong drive Medical DV8 knee walker alternative; you can do these tasks again.

It is easy to learn how to use this walker; it is affordable, durable, sturdy; even on a tight budget, you can still afford the drive medical DV8.

This scooter is steerable and allows for effective maneuvering and driving. The knee cushion comes with a channel which enhances comfort. This scooter can accommodate any patient, thanks to its tool-free height adjustable mechanism.

The drive medical DV8 has a dual wheel braking mechanism which is perfect for both the inside and outside the house situations. It’s hand braking, and push-button brake locks for parking are off the charts.

Features of the Drive Medical DV8

  • It has a knee pad channel, which aid comfortability.
  • A deluxe braking system that is off the charts; a hand brake as well as a push button brake locks for parking.
  • It has a steerable front will which enhances maneuvering.
  • The steering columns allow for easy folding for transportation and storage.
  • It is made out of aluminum frames, making it durable and has a beautiful silver vein finish.
  • Adjustable seat that is toll-free
  • There is a lifetime warranty on the brake cables.
  • The handle height is about 33-37.5 inches and is suitable for even short people.
  • The weight of the drive medical DV8 is about 19ib and can quickly be shipped to any Country.
  • The knee pad height is about 17.5-21.5 inches while the pad dimensions are 7.25 inch in width and 14.25 inches in depth.
Pros Cons
  • The Push-button brake feature is effective and easy to use.
  • Adjustable knee cushion height to suit anyone.
  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors, double efficiency.
  • Affordable scooter
  • Features a knee pad channel which gives comfort.
  • It’s assembling process is a bit difficult
  • The weight limit for this walker is 300, carrying patients above this weighted count, in time, the excess weight will crush the walker.

FAQs About the Drive Medical DV8

Q: Is it for short people?

A: Yes, short people can use this scooter too, with the adjustable height of the pad, you can reduce to suit your height.

Q: What is the weight limit for this scooter?

A: Three hundred (300) pounds.

Q: Does this model fold up

A: Yes. it is one of the drive medical DV8 unique features; you can fold up for transportation or storage after usage

Q: Is there a parking brake on this walker?

A: Yes. The push button brake feature is one of the highlights that give the drive medical DV8 knee walker its edge.

2. iWALK2.0 Hands-Free Knee Crutch

Hands Free Knee Crutch

One of the reasons why the knee walker was made is so that it can reduce the pain crutches causes to the wrist and underarm. Another reason for the walkers is to allow the patient to carry out normal daily activities.

However, because of its Steerable feature, most Knee walkers not give patients all the convenience they need to carry on their daily activities.

Thus the need for another alternative. This situation is where the iWALK2.0 Hands-Free Knee Crutch comes in. The knee crutch is an award-winning crutch that is not only comfortable to walk in but also hands-free, meaning the patient can carry on their daily tasks with ease. You can use it both outside and indoors comfortably.

Rather than wheels, it has a pad underneath it, so you can walk on the roughest ground and not feel a thing; there are no bumps and maximum comfort for patients is ensured.

Features of the iWALK2.0 Hands-Free Knee Crutch

The  iWALK2.0 Hands-Free Knee Crutch has unique features that make it different from the other walker; it would be pertinent to run you through its amazing features.

  • ike all walker, this knee crutch has an adjustable height mechanism that. So you can increase or decrease the height to suit you.
  • Instead of tires, it has a rubber pad that aids stability on any ground, rough or smooth.
  • The knee cruiser also comes with thigh support. This support helps in aligning the thigh with the crutch for stability.
  • The calf strap also helps keep the broken foot in place, while moving around.

Other technical features include;

  • The handle, perfect for learning situations
  • The quick release buckle helps you to take off the crutches fast and efficiently.
  • The Strap tightener or loosener
  • The knee gate straps aids in positioning the knee on the knee platform
Pros Cons
  • The iwalk crutches are hands-free. You can perform other tasks, instead of worrying about steering all the time.
  • Without tires, you can use the iwalk comfortably on the rough ground.
  • Strap your thighs for stability and alignment of the thighs to the crutches.
  • Easy to use and stable on all floors.
  • It is quite affordable.
  • It is very technical in assembling and may need a specialist to join the pieces, which could cost you.
  • It cannot be used by seniors because of the risk factor involved while they may be using it.

FAQs About The iWALK2.0 Hands-Free Knee Crutch.

Q: Can I wear the iwalk crutch with a cast or boot?

A: Normally you can, but not in all situations. When you wear the boot and use the iwalk crutch, because of the high tension, you might have pain or a hot spot.

Q: Can I go up and down the stairs with the iwalk?

A: Yes. You have to follow steps for climbing the stairs, and you’re good to go

Q: What are the physical limitations to the iwalk crutch? Will it work for everyone?

A: Yes it works for everyone, but not 100% in all cases.

3. Deluxe Steerable Knee Cycle

Deluxe Steerable Knee Cycle

You want a knee scooter you can sit on while you wait for an engagement, or are you just a fan of bicycles, the only problem, is you can’t ride because your foot is broken. Luckily, the Deluxe Steerable Knee Cycle is just the cruiser you need; a cycle that is perfect for your knees.

With a tie-rod Steerable wheel, you can maneuver this scooter smoothly and perfectly, without worrying about bumping into something or someone. The basket in front of the scooter helps you carry your attachment, and relieves you from the burden of carrying the load around.

As a four-wheeled scooter, the issue of stability will not be an issue. You could be like the kid learning to ride a bicycle all over again. Isn’t that fantastic feeling?

You can rarely find the Deluxe Steerable Knee Cycle tie-rod feature on another knee walker; a dynamic, patent product

Features Of The Deluxe Steerable Knee Cycle

  • The innovative automotive style tie-rod steering not only makes it stand out, but it also gives maximum stability and assured safety.
  • Another promising feature of the deluxe Steerable knee cycle is the removable front axle for storage; plus it is portable.
  • A hand and parking brake you can Adjust to suit your hand length.
  • It also comes with rear drum brakes for braking smooth and consistently.
  • This knee cycle can Accommodate patient ranging in the heights of 4’9″ – 6’6″.
  • Comfort Form 7/8″ Steel Handlebar
  • It has a 3″ Contoured Molded Foam Knee Rest for comfort.
  • It has an ergo-dynamic rubber clean grip feature.
  • The cycle can also be easily folded for storage and transportation.
  • A tool-free adjustable feature.
  • A  large 12″ x 8″ x 8.5″ wire basket is in front of the cycle for convenient in storage and transportation of personal belongings.
  • Left and Right Leg Compatibility.
Pros Cons
  • It steering handle allows for easy maneuver.
  • Comes with a carrying basket.
  • The Four-wheel feature is perfect for stabilizing the knee cycle.
  • Adjustable knee platform can accommodate short and tall people.
  • Tie-rod steering feature for efficient maneuver of the knee cycle even on rough surfaces.
  • It is expensive.
  • The assembling process is quite tasking, it may require a specialist.

FAQs About Deluxe Steerable Knee Cycle.

Q: Does the sit adjust?

A: Yes you can adjust your sit with your tool-free setup

Q: Can you sit on the seat?

A: Yes you can seat on the sit. But you can’t sit on the sit while you’re riding the knee cycle

Q: How does it work in small spaces like bathrooms?

A: It is a bit tricky. What you do is that you hop gently into the bathroom. Another option is to back up, when in small rooms.

Q: Does it work on carpet

A: Yes, you can use it on a rug, pushing it with your good leg.

4. All Terrain KneeRover Steerable Knee Walkers

KneeRover Steerable Knee Scooter

This scooter is one of the advanced scooters in the scooter Industry. It is regularly used by patients and is continuing to prove it’s worth in the market arena. It is a guaranteed product for people with Injuries to their feet ankles or legs. All Terrain KneeRover Steerable helps bare the weight of the body while you recover.

With a tie-rod steering wheel, this knee cruiser in great at maneuvering. The adjustable hand brakes on the scooter make it easier for you to adjust it to your hand length. The 12-inch pneumatic tires are perfect for indoors and outdoor navigation, on grass, gravel, or concrete floor.

What’s even more interesting is the fact that it can carry a patient of about 350 lbs in weight and not have an issue. You can also fold the scooter, thanks to the handlebar, which is essential if you want to transport or store it.

Features of the All Terrain KneeRover Steerable Knee Scooter.

  • The 3′ Contoured molded foam pad makes a Comfortable Knee Platform with an easy folding feature.
  • The 12″ x 8″ x 8.5″ wire basket is designed and put in front of the scooter for ease in transporting are reserving your artifacts.
  • The Adjustable Brake helps for safe parking, and the park locking feature is a right touch compared to the conventional model.
  • The dual crossbar design on the scooter makes it more durable, and long-lasting.
  • Other than the hand brakes, the rear brakes also ensure a smooth brake, just in case the handbrake fails.
  • A tool-free adjustable setup feature for sits and hand brakes.
  • Patient ranging from 5’6 to 6’6 can easily ride this scooter. All that the patients will do is to adjust the sit to their height.
  • Compatible with both left and right leg injury; you can use it effectively without buying another for the opposite foot.
Pros Cons
  • It’s wire basket feature is excellent for carrying personal items so that you can steer conveniently
  • The foam knee platform gives comfort to the knee
  • It’s four-wheel and double back wheel feature does not only make it stand out, but it also gives it the stability it has.
  • Thanks to the double back wheel, this cruiser can conveniently navigate grass and dirt and concrete.
  • The scooter can carry the weight of about 350lb
  • It is expensive to buy and even more so to maintain.
  • Any patients with height below 5’6 can’t use this scooter.

FAQs About The All Terrain KneeRover Steerable Knee Scooter.

Q: Do the brakes lock?

A: No, the brakes do not lock

Q: Between the single and the double back wheel, which one is better?

A: It depends on what you want. However, most people prefer the double back wheel for stability.

Q: Is it steerable?

A: Yes it is efficiently steerable, but the turning radius is a bit on the high side.

Q: Can the handle fold down without removing the seat?

A: Yes you can fold the handle while the seat is still on.

Q: What material is used to make this scooter?

A: It is made from lightweight steel.

5. KneeRover Steerable Knee Walkers

KneeRover Scooter

This knee Walker is the perfect alternative for crutches and is trending as one of the best knee scooter on the market. It is the ideal scooter for individual recuperating from leg Injuries. A lot of people have tried this scooter for its reliability, and they prove that it is indeed helpful.

The KneeRover scooter has a thick contoured knee cushion, providing comfort for the patient. It is ideal for both outdoor and indoor usage. With a 7.5-inch non-marking rubber wheel on four sides, this scooter is stable and secure to walk from outside.

This KneeRover also comes with an adjustable brake and a rare drum brake with ensuring safety on all sides. It is also easy to transport and store thanks to the handlebar with allows for easy folding. The weight of this sturdy scooter is 300lb and is adjustable to suit persons of 5 to 6’6 feet.

The features of the KneeRover Steerable Knee Walkers are;

  • It comes with an Adjustable HandBrake.
  • It is efficiently durable, thanks to its Ankle Design
  • The rear drum brakes feature gives you smooth and consistent braking.
  • The Knee Scooter is made with a Padded Contoured Knee cushion for comfort.
  • It has a Handlebar for folding when transporting or storing
  • You can conveniently store and transport your personal belongings with the 11″ x 9″ x 8″ Wire Basket, that is in front of the scooter.
  • The Left and Right leg compatibility are also one of the KneeRover Steerable scooter unique features.
  • The Knee Rest of the Walker is a three contoured molded foam.
  • The handlebar is designed with a 7/8 comfort form steel.
  • An easy clean rubber which aids effective grip.
  • A free setup tool
  • The scooter accommodates patients of 5′ – 6’6 feet heights.
Pros Cons
  • Easily adjustable for comfort
  • left and right leg compatibility allow the scooter to be used on either leg.
  • left and right leg compatibility allow the scooter to be used on either leg.
  • Can be easily folded for transportation or storage.
  • It comes with a basket.
  • Alternative rear drum brake, in case the other brake fails.
  • It is hard to assemble.
  • It only accommodates patients of 5 – 6’6 in height, any height below can’t fit in it.

FAQs About KneeRover Steerable Knee Walkers

Question: How well does this work on carpet?

Answer: It works well on carpets. It, however, does not handle bumps in hard surface well.

Question: Is basket included?

Answer: Yes there is a basket in front of the scooter

Question: Can you use the scooter outside?

Answer: Absolutely, it’s tires are made from rubber so they can move on Stony floor.

Question: Is there a difference between the economy model (129) and the regular model(159).

Answer: Personally, I think it is the basket in the regular model that makes the difference between the regular model and the economic model.

What Is A Knee Walkers?

We know the functions and use of knee scooter. We also know that knee Scooter has replaced the conventional walking aid.
But what is a knee scooter?

A knee scooter is a wheeled (two, three or four) alternative to traditional walkers like crutches, as an aid. What it does is that it takes the weight of the lower leg to aid fast recuperation, while do regular daily tasks, rolling around. The scooter has many names like; knee coaster, knee cruiser, orthopedic scooter, knee caddy, e.t.c; and comes in many forms; 2 wheels, three wheels or 4 wheel knee scooter.

What You Should Look For Best Knee Walkers

The following salient features are what you should look out for when selecting the perfect knee scooter.

Brakes: This feature is a must, without brakes on a Scooter, all you are doing is you’re setting yourself up for another injury. Without brakes, a scooter is worthless and not what the trouble, you can just go back to using other ambulation aids like crutches. It doesn’t matter if it has only one brake, so long as it has an adjustable brake, then you’re good to go.

Weight: The weight of the scooter must be strong enough to carry the patient. You wouldn’t want to incur another injury because of the faulty build up of the scooter. You need a scooter that can carry the weight of your body because you are resting your entire body weight on the knee walker. It has to be 300ib and above in weight for maximum support.

Find an adjustable scooter: One of the significant things to look out for in a knee scooter is an adjustable feature. To ensure maneuvering and perfect setting of the scooter, you need to find a scooter that can be adjusted to fit the injury pattern. Why? Because all injury require a particular adjustable model, unique to the fracture so that you can heal comfortably.

Basket and Frames: This is not a go-to feature, but it helps to have good frames and basket convenient for you, especially when want to carry personal items with ease.

Final Thoughts

Like all other inventions designed to aid Recuperation process of injury, the crutches have to be sidelined for easy and effective means of facilitating the recovery speed of patients.

The best knee walkers is an excellent substitute for crutches; it is comfortable and easy to use, and a great body rest.

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