Is Running In Place Good Exercise?

People run in a position as a part of the warm-up session before starting the main workouts. This warm-up may include other drills as well like jump squats, high knees or butt kicks.

Though running in a place is not as much effective as running as you use different movements and muscles, it has some similar benefits like running and jogging.

Sometimes you want to run outside or on a treadmill but unable to that. In that case, running in a place can be an excellent workout.

It might be your most ideal alternative if:

  • you’re confined up in a motel or hotel room
  • you have to burn some stress at work
  • you’re waiting in bus/air/launch terminal and facing a lengthy delay

Doing cardio exercises for a more extended period, running in a place is not the best option except if the possibilities are constrained.

Advantages Of Running In A Place

  • Exercise like running in a place expects you to move muscles continuously, which improves muscle flexibility, strength and stability.
  • For maximizing the advantage of this exercise, you have to be in the right form. You can do the task on a floor cover or cushion, which can lessen the impact of your weight on the joints and body.
  • In 2015, a study found that if you engage your abdominal muscles while running in a place, it will undoubtedly improve your posture. (1)
  • This one will also improve your cardiovascular capacity, blood flow and lung capacity.
  • The requirements of running are a powerful upper body, core and lower body. And running helps to create your upper body, heart and smaller body stable.
  • If you have knee pain, then running in a place can help you to lessen the pain and also make your knees healthier and more energetic.
  • Running in a place can develop the coordination, agility and balance of yours that may help to lessen the risk of injury.
  • This particular exercise can raise your pulse, improves glucose levels, and burn fats and calories, which helps you to lose your weight.
  • Adding other cardio activities will target various muscles and improve those muscles. Also, it will remove the weariness if you’re tired of doing one exercise again and again.

Running vs Running in a Place

Usually, running requires distinctive muscle developments than running in a place. The body mechanics are not the same for both of the exercise; that’s why you’ll be utilizing your muscles in various manners.

Muscles that help to move forward will not be used in the running in a place. This exercise uses toes, ankles and lower leg muscles. And it helps to make these body parts more reliable. Also, excess using of these parts can put extra pressure on your hips and knees.

While running in a place, you will lift your knees rather than pushing your body forward that needs less strength. Muscle weakness, discomfort and soreness are common after this workout

For a more extended period, it is tough to keep the right form for running in one place.

If you don’t have much time and don’t have enough space for exercising then running in one place is for you. A short 15-minutes session can do the work.

Overall, regular running is more beneficial than running in one place in terms of health benefits. You can go outside for running or use a treadmill for running. Though both are same, the treadmill can offer you some extra features that running out cannot.

The Most Effective Methods To Run In Place

Before starting the main exercise, do some warm-up exercises to ready your body. While finishing the main task, please don’t stop it at once. Stop the practice slowly by jogging or walking and after exercise stretching is a must.

Move your arms fastback and forth while running because it will help you to improve the intensity of your exercise. The things you should do while running in one place:

  • Lift your right foot and left arm simultaneously
  • Raise the knee at the level of your hips.
  • At that point change to the right foot, rapidly lift the left foot at hip level
  • Simultaneously, move your right arm up and forward while left arm in the back
  • Proceed with these steps

You can do the exercise by giving a short break after a few minutes. You can also gradually increase the time limit for workouts from 10 minutes to 15 minutes for more intensity. You can also shorten the resting time.
For instance:

  • 3 minutes of running in place
  • 2 minutes of fast running
  • One minute of bodyweight works out.
  • Again 3 minutes of running in one place
  • 1 minute of resting


If you are new in this, then you must consult with your doctor before starting new workout programs.

You may face extra pain in your hips, ankles and shins if you run in place for a more extended period.

Develop your routine carefully and ensure you’re maintaining the right form. If you feel any discomfort or have to push hard, stop running immediately. Choose exercise which has low impact while healing your body.

Walking or Running?

Your goals will decide which will be beneficial for you. Running puts more pressure on joints than walking. You can walk for a more extended period.

Though running in one place puts more stress on the body, it burns calories faster than walking. Also, running in place has a higher impact on cardiovascular wellbeing.

Walking is easier for the body than running in place for a more extended period.

Running and walking both are a fantastic workout for shaping yourself and keeping yourself healthy. You can choose any of for your workout programs.


You may not consider running in place as the main workout, but you cannot deny the benefits of this exercise. It can help you to achieve your fitness goals. This exercise can burn extra fat and calories, boost your cardio health and make you stronger.

Even though you’re not getting the specific advantages as standard running like running outside or on the treadmill, running in place can be a compelling exercise. You can do it by taking a short break from your work and get benefitted from it.

Last Updated on January 1, 2023