Is It Better To Do Cardio Before Or After Weights

Is It Better To Do Cardio Before Or After Weights?

One of the most common questions of workout is should we do weights first or cardio first. In other words, should we start endurance training early or strength training before. It is one of the fundamental questions. Does it even matter, or relevant for achieving fitness goals?

And like most of the questions in the world, there is no simple answer. The answer to these questions solely depends on your fitness goal.

The training or fitness goal varies from person to person. Some want to lose weight, while others want to build muscle. Also, there are a few people who wish to improve their stamina or running endurance. Some want to be fit.

That’s why the answer also varies from person to person.

Let’s know about which fitness goal which type of training you should do first.

1. For Building Muscle and Improving Body Strength

For Building Muscle

It would help if you did your weights before the cardio session for those who want to improve body strength or build muscle. Strength training is essential for building muscle. If you start doing cardio or endurance training first, then your power becomes fatigued. And in this condition, you don’t want to start your strength training. For indoor cardio session you can use rowing machine it helps to improve body strength and build muscle.

While doing your strength training to improve strength, you will start lifting heavy weights, but already fatigued muscles you have gotten from the endurance training may increase the risk of injury. Also, from endurance training, your power can be tired, affecting your coordination of strength training, and it will weaken your muscle. So, that’s why you should start strength training first.

At the same time, you should not start endurance training just after finishing your strength training. It may hamper your muscle building process. The body needs a particular amount of time to recover and repair the muscle tissue.

2. For Losing Weight

For Losing Weight

For losing weight, the key is a negative energy balance. The calories you burn should be more than the calories you consume. Then you will start losing weight.

There is an idea that you should start endurance training after finishing your strength training. It will empty your stored carbohydrate. The logic behind this idea is that your body will be forced to get the energy from fat instead of carbs while doing your endurance training. But there is a problem with this idea. You cannot continue your endurance training intensely for a more extended period.

But for burning calories and losing weight, you should increase the intensity of the endurance exercise. The thing that matters is how much calories you burned and lose weight.

For solving this problem, you should divide your workout session throughout the week. In this way, you can do your workout at high intensity for burning more calories. This gap between activity will also help you to recover the body from the previous exercise.

3. For Improving Stamina Or Running Endurance

If anyone wants to improve their life, then they should do their endurance training first. They can save the strength training for later. Endurance exercises are running, swimming, etc. For improving your stamina, you have to do these exercises intensely. If you want to use a treadmill for running then get top quality treadmill from spirit brand.

And before the intensive training session, your muscles have to be rested enough.

If you do the strength training first, your muscles will become tired and tired muscle will negatively affect your endurance training. And overuse of tired muscles can lead to injuries.

If you want to avoid injury and want to do your endurance training after strength training, keep the exercise short and lower its intensity.

4. For Improving Fitness

For improving your overall fitness, it doesn’t matter which one of the training you start first. For optimum results, you should fix your fitness goal first and create training following the plan. And follow the above training order according to your fitness goal.


Usually, it would help if you no started different types of training one after another. If you want the best result from your workout, give your body enough time to recover from previous training.

But if you’re stubborn enough to perform both types of training one after another, follow the correct order that suits your fitness goal.

Last Updated on January 1, 2023

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