How To Start Working Out For Beginners

Regular exercise is one of the most delicate things that can happen to our health. In a short time of starting training, we will observe the change and benefits of both our body and mind. Conversely, exercising in a specific routine or method needs enormous determination and long term discipline.

For the beginners who are planning or have started exercise but not understanding how to create some rules and basic methods described here:

Reasons For Doing Exercise

Exercising can expressively improve our physique. Some of the utmost benefits of regular exercise are maintaining perfect body weight, maintain muscle mass, reducing the risk of chronic syndromes, etc.

Moreover, studies show that regular exercise can boost our immunity and mental health, lift our mood, makes our sleep better, and even enhances our sex life.

Besides, it also helps to uphold a proper energy level in our body. In brief, exercise can have a significant impact on our body, mind, and life.
Acknowledged types of exercises:

As everyone’s physique and capability are not the same, they cannot do the same activity. There are numerous types of exercises. Some of which are as follows:

  1. Aerobics: In any exercise routine, it includes some constant exercises, such as dancing, swimming, and running.
  2. Strength: This helps to increase strength and muscle power, for instance, plyometrics, sprinting, weight lifting, and resistance training.
  3. Calisthenics: In this method, we can do simple body movements without any gym equipment at a moderate aerobic pace.
  4. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT): This method refers to repetitions of high intensify exercise and low intensify exercise or rest.
  5. Boot Camps: this is a timed based exercise method, a combination of resistance exercise and aerobics.
  6. Stability or Balance: this method makes the muscles strong and develops body coordination, such as Tai-Chi poses, Pilates, etc.
  7. Flexibility: this method helps to maintain the sort of motion, prevent injuries, and to recover muscles, for example, Yoga or Muscle stretch movement.

We can do the above workouts combined or individually. However, the important thing is to identify which is best suited for and enjoyable for us.

The way of getting started

We should consider a few things before starting a workout routine which is as follows:

Health check: It is essential to see our doctor and to get a medical checkup before beginning any workout routine for the first time. This factor is necessary for the beginners as well as those individuals whose age is or above 45.

A medical checkup in an earlier stage can identify any health state or problem that may cause a risk of injury during a workout. It also helps to make an optimal exercise routine according to our body and health condition. Furthermore, it also allows our trainer to customize our daily exercise routine accordingly.

Plan Set and Realistic Goals

After deciding to exercise regularly, we should set a plan, including achievable goals and steps. This one will be easy if we start with some easy steps and follow them regularly.

After that, we can uplift our exercise routine according to our level of energy and health condition. For example, if we aim to run 4 kilometers, we may start with shorter runs initially.

After chasing the short runs, we may increase the distance until we can run for the whole 4 kilometers at a time. If we start with a small space, it increases our success and motivates us always.

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Take it as a Habit

Sticking into a particular routine is a significant element of regular exercise. If we take our regular exercise routine as a habit, it becomes easier to maintain the pattern.

Researchers say that switching to a healthy habit from an unhealthy one is an excessive tactic to sustain it for an extended period. Moreover, preparing a timetable or workout at the same time of the day can also help to maintain and make it long-lasting.

For example, if someone exercises in the morning every day, it may become a habit.

In short, before starting exercise, we should have a medical checkup, make a realistic goal and plan, and after that, we should take our customized workout plan as our habit and a part of our daily life.

The extent of exercise we should do

We don’t need to exercise a lot or do any high-intensity workouts every day to maintain our body healthy. A study recommends an individual should include a minimum of 2.5 hours of medium aerobics exercises per week.

We can design these 2.5 hours as we want. For example, 30 minutes of exercise 5 times a week, otherwise 35-40 minutes of exercise every day, However, if we workout for once or twice per week for 2.5 hours, it will have the same impact on our body. Overall this is important to begin at a slow pace and then increase the intensity of the workout as our requirements.

Though doing a certain amount of exercise daily is essential for keeping our health good, taking the proper amount of rest is also necessary. If we don’t let our body rest and recover from the hassle of exercise, the risk of injury will increase. Stress fracture and muscle strain can happen, which can turn into Over Training Syndrome (OTS).

Too much exercise can also hinder our immune system and increase our possibility of hormonal imbalance, infection, chronic fatigue, and depressed mood.

One-week sample exercise program

A one-week exercise program does not need any equipment and will only require 30 to 40- minutes to complete in a day. An easy sample is as follows:

We can customize this program as our requirement and fitness level.

Monday Forty minutes of brisk walk or moderate pace jog
TuesdayRest day
WednesdayBrisk walk for ten minutes. After that completing the following Circuits and resting one minute after every set but not among exercise. Stretch after that.

Circuit 1: Three sets of alternating ten lungs for individual leg, ten sit-ups, ten push-ups.

Circuit 2: Sets of alternating ten chair dips, ten air squats, and ten jumping jacks.
Tuesday Rest day
FridayMedium pace jogging or thirty minutes of bike ride
SaturdayRest day
SundayA Long walk, run or jig for forty minutes

The above information is just a simple plan for starting a workout. For more exercise plans, we can visit various websites on the internet.

There are numerous exercises and workouts we can do with or without equipment. The plan mentioned above is just an example of the new beginners.

Instructions for beginners

Staying hydrated: Water or any liquid is essential while working out. Drinking plenty of water and fluid all over the day is very necessary for sustaining a healthy hydrating level.

Refilling liquids in an exercise is also essential for keeping an optimal performance, especially during a sunny and hot day. Furthermore, after a workout, hydration may help recover and get us ready for the next exercise sessions.

Optimizing nutrition: We should have a balanced diet to support our fitness program. All types of foods should be available to maintain a healthy energy level and get the optimal result from the workout.

Carbohydrate is essential as it can fuel our muscles before exercise. Carbohydrate also helps to recover exercise hassles. Carb also replenishes glycogen stores and helps absorb amino acid into muscles at the time of recovery after a workout.

Moreover, protein also improves to recover strength after exercise. It also repairs the damage of tissue and builds mass muscle. Finally, regular consumption of healthy fat can burn out body fat and preserve muscle fuel while exercising and make energy long-lasting.

Warming Up: Warming up is very important before exercise. It can improve our athletic performance and helps to prevent injuries. It also helps to decrease soreness after our workout and improves the flexibility of our body. If we start our exercise without a proper warm-up, it can raise the risk of injury and may harmful to our fitness routine execution.

We can start our exercise with some aerobics exercises like leg kicks, walking lunges, and swings. This aerobics can help to warm up our body and to prepare for high-intensity activities. On the other hand, we can warm up our bodies by doing low-intensity movements before doing high-intensity movements or workouts. For example, we can walk before a run

Cool Down: Cooling down is also an essential part of a workout routine. It is necessary because it helps our body to return to the normal condition after a workout. If we take some minutes to cool down, it may help us return to the usual breathing pattern and blood circulation. Moreover, it also helps to diminish the chance of muscle discomfort.

We were walking after an aerobics exercise routine or stretch after resistance training is some easy way of cool down. We have to keep in mind that cooldown is a must for any exercise.

Exercising according to body condition: We should be careful about our capacity if we are a beginner. The people who are not habitats to everyday workout can face some problems at the beginning.

We may feel discomfort or pain while working out. If we think, so we should stop working out and take proper rest before starting again. If we work out with pain and discomfort, it may cause harm to our body and become a reason for injuries.

We also have to keep in mind that working out faster and harder is not always necessarily better. We should take sufficient time and should work out according to our limits. It can make our fitness program long-lasting and gives the optimal point of return. So a customized plan according to our body fitness is significant and essential.

The key to staying motivated

For a long term fitness goal remaining motivated is one of the essential factors. The way of staying motivated is to enjoy and having fun while working out. We have to do our work out a habit of keeping ourselves motivated. This one helps us not to get worried or discouraged about doing exercise.

For keeping ourselves motivated, we can alter the above-shown exercises to have fun and enjoy our workout plans.
Moreover, joining a fitness class like Pilates or yoga or joining a gym can make exercise fun and enjoyable and fun. Also, participating in various sports and having a personal trainer can motivate us too. Again exercising with or a particular group can also boost us.

Another most effective way is to note down our progress. If we record our weightlifting or running times, it can keep us motivated to progress our good works. Otherwise, if our goal is to lose weight, we may track our weight to keep us motivated.
In short, we have to keep us motivated by mixing up our exercises, attending fitness class, team sport, and tracking our improvements.

The Bottom-Line

It is challenging and may not be easy for the beginners to start a new workout routine. Though having a realistic goal and steps can help us to achieve our goal and maintain our fitness program for an extended period.

There are numerous types of exercises and physical activities we can choose according to our fitness level. The ideal process should be starting slowly, building fitness levels, and letting our body rest to avoid injury. Recording our progress or exercising in a group or a gym can keep ourselves motivated and reach our goal.

Eating a healthy diet and be hydrated regularly is also essential. We should enjoy our exercise and have fun while working out to make our fitness program lost lasting. We can also make a routine and keep some time for our daily life for a workout to keep ourselves healthy.

Last Updated on January 2, 2024