How To Lose Weight On A Treadmill Fast

If we are trying to burn calories and lose weight, a treadmill is a handy and convenient exercise machine. However, exercising in the same incline and speed always is not a good idea at all. It makes workouts boring, and most importantly, the amount of weight loss reduces gradually. So we should keep in mind the same range, and the intensity of activities will not give us the optimal result mostly.

For making the calorie burn faster, there are some particular rules and hacks. Five of them are as follows:

Mixing Up: Janet Hamilton (C.S.C.S), a workout physiologist in Atlanta, says exercises’ impact in losing weight may seem more comfortable: you have to burn out more calories to lose weight.

We can do this by developing our workout time and intensity. If we work out steadily and slowly, we may exercise for a long time, get the optimal results, and lose more weight. But if we work out intensely and reach our highest heart rate too quickly, we may get tired too fast.

We should mix up our workout plan. For example, working out too intensely for 30-40 minutes and then doing moderate or low-intensity exercises for an hour or a bit more on the other day.

Mastering Own Speed

A short burst in a workout is one of the simplest ways to burn out more calories and lose weight and make the body fit. The research found that women who ran faster for 2 minutes burned out more calories and lost more weight than those who ran slow and steadily. They lost 4% of body fat in the upcoming weeks, and those who ran steadily lost no weight and fat from their body.

Hamilton says we should begin with intervals in 1:1 or 1:2, which means increasing running speed for thirty to sixty seconds and then dropping the rate for the same time or maybe double that. She also suggests selecting a quality that we can hold for 2-5 minutes, which will make us refreshed but not tired and exhausted. We may build up some higher intensity, but before that, we have to figure out our body’s capability. We have to check our condition and suitability of this method for our health and body.

Doing Hills in a Smart Way

Sometimes walking or running on a sharp incline may get difficult for our body. Hamilton says, most people already know that setting up a higher slope is not suitable for our body, but when they start to walk or run in a treadmill, they forget this concept and caprice the incline and increase the risk of injury.

So setting up the incline smartly and technically is the most important thing. We can also try out incline intervals for avoiding injury and get the best possible result.

Changing Regular Workout Duration

Sometimes we get the energy to run for more hours and distance. Our body permits us to work out more than our regular workout duration. Hamilton says, Working out for a longer time will burn out 50% more calories of our body.

For example, if a person runs for 30 minutes every day and sometimes increase his running time to 45 minutes instead to 30, it will burn out 50% more calories from his body.

Though this is not an excellent technique to use regularly, we can go for this method once in a while, helping us boost our calorie burn and weight loss.

Trying Every Possible Type of Workouts

Research recommends that the most effective way to burn calories and lose weight is not repeating the same routine every day. We should find a proper mix of workout plans containing every type of workouts suitable for our body and fitness goal. An ideal workout plan should have endurance, intervals, resistance training, and stretching to meet our goal faster and more healthily and effectively.

Burning calories and losing weight in the desired amount is not always easy. As everyone’s physical condition differs from others, the exercise plan should be different as well. We should also workout technically and follow specific tips and hacks to reach our goal rapidly and efficiently.

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Last Updated on January 1, 2023