How Much Electricity Does A Treadmill Use

How Much Electricity Does A Treadmill Use?

If you think all the cash, you’ll ever have to spend on your treadmill is on purchasing the machine alone, then you’ve got it all wrong. Do you know that it is one thing to buy a treadmill and an entire thing to maintain it?

Anything can come up; a part may need replacement or repair and you might even need to service the machine. But all these aside, have you thought about how much it’ll require to keep the treadmill up and running?

If you pay 1305 cents for one kilowatt, then it’ll cost you around a dollar to use your treadmill for one hour in a day.

How Do Treadmill And Watts Relate?

Every electric appliance, including mechanical treadmills like your own, consumes a particular amount of energy. This is often referred to as the wattage rating of the device. Apart from treadmills, examples of appliances using this rating are microwaves.

The total time length that your food takes to cook depends on its wattage power rating. Note that your treadmill’s wattage rating is dependent on its engine’s size and kind, plus other factors.

You’ll find your treadmill’s wattage power rating on either the user’s manual or the sticker that is on your treadmill. This sticker has the machine’s serial numbers.

How Does Usage Affect Treadmill Energy Consumption?

Like you already know, your treadmill naturally keeps consuming more energy as you use it for a longer duration of time. But the way you use your machine also determines whether it will consume a lot of energy or not.

The motor of most treadmills with 3.0 horsepower does not function at that exact horsepower. The machine may simply use around half of its original horsepower when you’re only walking on it at a slow speed without any incline.

It will increase when you boost the speed or set an incline.

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Doing The Calculations

Do you know there’s a way to measure the energy amount that your treadmill eats up and know the amount of money you’ll need to sustain it?

There’s no way to ascertain for sure how often you’ll be using the machine, this is why calculating using the complete watt rating is a good idea. So, start by multiplying your treadmill’s wattage by the number of hours that you spend exercising on it per month.

Next, go ahead and divide the number you get by 1000. This will give you the overall kilowatt-hours the machine uses per month. Proceed to multiply the result by the price of electricity.

When you finish this step, you should have the total cost of your treadmill’s energy consumption per month. If you don’t know the price of electricity for a kilowatt-hour, check the electric bill.

Is Manual Treadmill A Good Alternative?

Motorized treadmills are loved and favored for a lot of reasons; they’re easy to operate, they offer many features and are generally more convenient. However, considering their extra cost, you can decide to go the manual route.

If there is one advantage that manual treadmills have over motorized ones, it is that they don’t require electricity to function. For an exerciser like you, this means no electricity cost. Plus, even manual treadmills come with a console that provides the operator with vital information like the distance they’ve covered, time spent, calorie shed, and the likes.

With certain models, you even get an incline ramp that you can adjust manually. To crown it all, manual treadmills do not have that many parts, which means less likelihood of repairs. So, if you’re thinking about going manual, then you definitely should.

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