How Long To Wait After Eating To Workout?

If we take a tremendous amount of food before running on a treadmill, it can hamper our stomach and gastric trouble. As working on a treadmill is one of the best options for working at home, we should be careful about food intake before and after working or running on a treadmill.

We may also feel sloth for taking a large quantity of food. According to the specialist, we should take 3 to 4 hours of gap between dense food and a run. On the other hand, after taking some snacks or a light meal, we should make a difference of at least 30 minutes or 1 to 2 hours in between.

Again we should remember that we all are not having a similar health condition so that some of us may gain added energy from a little amount of food and some of us may not have any problem working out after having a dense grain.

Preferable snacks to have before a run:

If we have a proper amount of lunch before a workout if it may give us sufficient energy and also can keep our diabetes at a reasonable level. The food intake may depend on the hour of the day we usually go for working out on a treadmill.
Morning workout

If we start working out on a treadmill in the morning, we may not get plenty of time to have food before 2 or 3 hours before a workout. But our body will be needing food as we didn’t have any form last night.

So it is essential for having breakfast or a little amount of snack before 30 to 60 minutes of work out. We should also keep in mind that the food should contain protein and carbohydrates. The following meals can be a good option for before morning workouts:

  1. Some nut butter with a banana
  2. Less fat granola bar
  3. Energy bar
  4. Fruits and yogurt
  5. Fruit juice
  6. Whole wheat bagel
  7. Oats. Etc.

Lunchtime workout

If we workout at the time of lunch we can have a substantial breakfast and then we can have the following snacks before 1 or 2 hours before workout:

  1. The proper amount of Oats or Cereal (a bowl)
  2. Half nut-butter sandwich
  3. Fruit smoothie (small)
  4. Few nuts as Pistachios, Cashews, Almonds etc.

Evening or late afternoon workout:

If we exercise at the time of evening or afternoon, we may get hungry and feel post-lunch tiredness unless we take a proper snack before workout. The following meals can take before working out in the evening before 1 or 2 hours:

  1. Cheese bar and some Crackers
  2. Less fat granola bar
  3. Energy bar
  4. Jelly and nut butter sandwich (half)

Appropriate snacks for workout time:

If we workout or run for less than 1 hour we may take water a sports drink only during a workout. But if the exercise goes on for more than 1 hour, we will need to have food which contains carbohydrates, for example, energy gel or a sports drink. These should be taken for each hour if we are working for more than seventy-five minutes.

We should try out what suits us the best while working out for a long time. As an example, some exercisers can eat some energy bars, 2/1 energy chews, half of an energy gel every thirty minutes on workout more than 1 hour. We should also take sufficient water with these foods.

Avoidance of cramps while working out:

Gastrointestinal (GI) discomfort happens to the runners very often as a result of dehydration. Dehydration can also cause stomachaches, bloating and cramps.

While working out, we should drink a sports beverage or water every fifteen to thirty minutes to avoid cramps. We should also avoid food containing high-fiber at night before our workout morning. Foods with high-fiber can also cause gastrointestinal discomfort and cramps.

Avoidance of nausea while working out:

We may suffer from vomiting or nausea at the time of the workout. It can also happen while finishing the exercise. There are some specific reasons for which nausea or vomiting may occur. Some of the rights are as follows:

  1. Heat-stroke
  2. Slow digestion
  3. Dehydration

For avoiding nausea or vomiting while working out, we should take a sufficient amount of water which is a must for sunny days. We also must calm down properly after working out so that our body can have the proper time to adjust after a workout.

If we take some light snacks before thirty minutes or just after a workout or a run, it may help to avoid or stop nausea and vomiting.

Drinking water while working out:

While working out, we have to drink a lot of water which a must for a hot and sunny day. The following precautions can help to avoid dehydration while exercising:

  1. Drinking about two to three cups of water (470 to 700 millilitres) before two to three hours of running
  2. We were drinking about half to one cup of water (120 to 240 millilitres) for every fifteen to twenty minutes while running. Intake to water depends more likely on our body weight and weather of a particular day.
  3. Drinking about two to three cups of water (470 to 700 millilitres) after finishing the workout for each pound (1/2 KG) of

weight we lost from our exercise. If you lose weight immediately after working out, it means we have lost the water weight.

If we run or exercise for more than 1 hour, we may have a sports drink, and it will be the right choice. Sports drink helps to balance the electrolyte in our body and provides energy after long workouts from carbohydrates.

The take-out

For a runner, food works like fuel. But then again taking a large amount of food just before going for a run is not a good practice.

It can result in peptic trouble like diarrhea, stomachache and cramping. Instead, we should wait for 2/3 hours before starting a run. After returning home from a workout, we need to have some light food or protein shake for refueling and plenty of water or a sports drink to rehydrate our body.

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