Do You Have To Exercise To Lose Weight

This article will give some evidence on if training helps lose weight or not. The pre-condition of losing weight is to burn more calories than consumption, and exercise can help.

But some people consider that doing exercise enhances hunger and eating, which increases the calories again.

Influential Health Benefits Of Exercise

Regular exercise is very beneficial for health. It reduces the peril of several heart diseases, obesity, osteoporosis, arthritis, even some cancers and lowers the possibility of dying up to 50% from the mentioned illness and diseases.

Even if your exercise is not sufficient for weight loss, it may give you some other benefits such as unbelievably good mental health and managing tension and stress.

Do Not Consider Weight Loss Rather Fat Loss

Reducing calorie intake without exercise will drive towards losing muscles and weight, but we should focus on fat loss rather than weight loss. Studies state that while losing weight, we lose one-fourth of the value from muscles.

However, exercising and diet simultaneously can reduce muscle loss, which is essential as muscles are more active metabolically than fat. Reducing losing muscle helps lessen the drop in metabolism rate, improving metabolic health, body composition, and overall fitness, not only weight loss.

Through this procedure, you will lose fat and build muscle, even though without losing weight. So it is possible to lose fat without losing much weight and muscle if we follow the correct diet and exercise plan.

Impact Of Cardio In Losing Body Fat And Calories

Cardio, also known as aerobic exercise, significantly affects calorie burn than on muscle muss compared to some other high-intense workouts. Swimming, walking, cycling, sunning, etc. are common types of cardio.

A recent study of ten months took place with 141 overweight people. They were divided into three groups and got instructions for continuing their regular calorie intake.

GroupExerciseCalorie burn
Group ACardio, five days each week400 calories
Group BCardio, five days each week600 calories
Group CNo exercise-

After ten months following the above directions, the results were as below:

  • Group A: lost 4.3% of the weight
  • Group B: lost 5.7% of the weight
  • Group C: gained 0.5% of the weight

So including cardio in daily exercise plan can give many advantages as managing body weight by burning body fat, improving metabolism, and burning belly fat, which increases the risk of heart diseases and Type-2 diabetics.

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Impact of Weight-Lifting

Weight lifting, like all other resistance training, helps to burn calories and has other benefits too, such as developing, toning, and strengthening muscles. This workout is essential for long-term effects as adults may lose 3-8% of body muscles per decade without doing any exercise.

Moreover, muscles increase metabolism, which fastens calorie burn even during rest time and decreases the metabolism drop during weight loss.

A study with 48 obese women took place to identify the impact of weight lofting. They were split into two groups.

Group DietExercise
Group 1Very Low calorie dietWeight lifting
Group 2Very Low calorie dietNo exercise

The result of the study was as follows:

  • Group 1: lost weight but maintained metabolism, strength, and muscle
  • Group 2: lost weight as well as lost power and metabolism

Therefore, lifting weight helps to lose weight; on the other hand, it also maintains the metabolism rate and develops and strengthens muscles.

The Relation Between Appetite and Exercise

Sometimes exercise may affect hunger and appetite, which may make you eat more calories. Some of the consequences are:

  1. Studies say some people take more calories after exercising, which hinders their loose weight program and sometimes may cause weight gain. The practice may make someone hungry, which will drive them to eat more. Again, some people overestimate the amount of burned calories from a workout and reward themselves with food.
  2. Ghrelin, which is the hunger hormone, get influenced by exercise and may lead to hunger. However, according to different studies, “exercise anorexia” may happen just after intense exercise, which suppresses the appetite but gets normal within half an hour.
  3. The impact on appetite after exercise varies from person to person. According to studies, the outcome is mixed. However, ordinary obese people get more hungry then thinner people after a workout; on the other hand, women get hungrier than men.

The after-exercise hunger and appetite may vary from person to person, but we should keep in mind taking excessive calories, then burning may prevent losing weight and drive to weight gain.
Impact of exercise in losing weight:

The impact of exercise may vary depending on the individual body and fitness level, such as most people lose weight over time, some people do not find any change and remain stable, and a small number of people even gain weight. However, it is muscles, not fat.

However, in comparison to exercise and diet, changing diet plan is more effective than exercise in weight loss. However, the most efficient way is to keep both exercise and appropriate programs in weight loss strategy. Diet or training, which will affect most, depends on individual health conditions and fitness levels.

Maintain Weight After Losing

After losing weight, maintaining and keeping the weight lower is the most challenging thing. According to studies, almost 85% of people who lost weight earlier cannot maintain their weight and keep it off as before.

However, there are some people too who lost their weight and also kept it off. Studies say these people do work out a lot, near about 1 hour/day.

Therefore, the easiest way to keep weight off is to enjoy enjoyable physical activities that easily fit the lifestyle.
Importance of healthy diet:

Having a healthy diet is as significant as an exercise for improving health conditions and losing weight. There is no chance of ignoring the importance of a healthy diet plan, whether losing weight or maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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Last Updated on January 1, 2023