Do You Burn More Calories Walking Or Running

Do You Burn More Calories Walking Or Running

When we walk or run on a treadmill, both of the two have a significant impact on our health. Both walk and run on the treadmill are very well known, and elevated types of cardiovascular exercise.

Walking is not better than running or vice versa. It solely depends on our fitness of the body and the motive of our health efficiency.

If we want to burn out the calories of our body and reduce the weight quickly, we should go for running on a treadmill which is a perfect option for working out at home. On the other hand, walking has various benefits as well as it permits us to retain a balanced weight.

Advantage of Cardio

Both walk and run are Aerobic Cardiovascular exercises which is also known as Cardio exercise. There are numerous advantages of cardio exercise. Some of the benefits are as follows :

  1. Losing weight and balancing a healthy weight.
  2. Enhancing stamina
  3. Boosting the immunity system
  4. Preventing chronic disease
  5. Managing incurable health problems
  6. Strengthening our heart
  7. Extending our life in some cases.

Moreover, cardio exercise helps to maintain our mental health as well. From a study, it found that only thirty minutes of exercise three times a week which has mid-level strain can decrease depression, tension and anxiety.

It also helps to enhance our self-esteem and mood. This study also states that we do not have to work for thirty minutes continuously to get the above health advantages. If we continuously walk three on a treadmill or even freely for 10 minutes a day, it will also have the same impact on our mental health.

Is walking more beneficial than running?

When we walk on a treadmill, we can get numerous same advantages as running. Still running on a treadmill can reduce almost double calories than walking from our body.

As an example, if the person who’s weight is a hundred and sixty pounds runs five miles/hour(mph) burn out almost 600 calories. On the other hand, walking will burn out only about 300 calories at the same amount of walking. For losing one pound, we need to lose almost 3500 calories. Running is a better option for walking if our motive is to lose weight.

However, if we have recently started exercising and not able to run in the first phase, we can also begin with walking. It can also help us to be in proper shape and can enhance our heart functions as well as generates more energy both physically and mentally.

Impact of walking and running for weight loss: a critical comparison

Comparison of Power and speed walk and run

Usually, power walk means walking in speed between 3 miles per hour to 5 miles per hour. But sometimes power walk can reach up to seven to ten miles per hour. We can measure the pace of our walking through the treadmill.

Power walk can burn out the same amount of calories as running. As an example, if we power walk for 2 hours, it will burn out the same proportion of calories from our body as running.

Generally, speed walk means to walk in a rapid motion, which is three miles per hour or more than that. Our heart rate uplifts while speed walking. We can burn our more calories from our body if we go for speed walking. The treadmill can be a good option for speed walking at home as it can measure the speed of our walking.

To get an effective result from a workout, we should go for pace training, which means increasing our speed for 2 minutes and then again slowing down. Though speed walk does not burn out similar calories as running, this can be an impactful exercise to cherish our mind, develop our fitness level, boost our energy, and improve our heart rate.

Walk with a Weighted Vest

If we walk with a weighted vest, the number of calories we loose during walking may increase. For safety, we should not wear a jacket that is greater than five to ten percent of our weight of the body.

We can also go for interval walking if we want to shape our muscles and reduce our weight which means rising the walking speed to a certain level for a specific period before slow down the walk. We can also try walking with lightweight dumbbells in hand.

Comparison Between Incline Walk and Run

Incline walking means walking upward, and it burns the same calories as running. It burns out more calories than walking on a flat place.

For incline walking, we can choose a treadmill which is a perfect option. We can increase the incline gradually(5-10-15) while incline walking in a treadmill.

Advantages and Risks of Running:

For losing weight and tone, our body running is a great exercise. But it has much impact on our body. Running can have a high-impact in our collection than walking.

Running can cause some common injuries to our organization over time, which can be shin splints, ITB friction disease, stress fractures etc. Moreover, runners can suffer from more workout-related injuries than walkers.

Runners have twenty to seventy percent injury risk while walkers have one to five percent injury risk only. Runners can take necessary steps to avoid injuries as not increase their running speed promptly, trying to cross-train few times a week. Otherwise, they can try walking. Walking can give us the same health benefits without any risk of injuries even.

The Takeaway

Walking and running both are perfect types of cardio exercises. We should plan for a minimum of 150 minutes of mid-level cardio every week for sound health. For new exercisers who want to keep their body toned walking is the right choice.

On the other hand, if someone wants to burn out calories and reduce weight, they should go for running. New exercisers set an exercise routine with the combination of both walking and running and must consult with their doctor before going for any new exercise plan.

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Last Updated on January 1, 2023

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