Benefits Of Rowing Machine

Benefits Of Rowing Machine

The rowing machine is also known as ergs or ergometers. It is a very beneficial fitness gear that uses up to 86 percent of muscles. It helps in increasing endurance. It also strengthens and tones the body muscles. Moreover, rowing offers some maximum benefits for the lungs and heart. One does not need to be … Read more

Top 5 Low Impact Cardio Workout

Low Impact Cardio Workout

Low-impact exercises are for those who just started working out recently or after a long time started working out again, especially if anyone has injuries or joints problems. These exercises are very safe but effective. Though it is safe and puts less stress on joints, it doesn’t mean it is easy and won’t make you … Read more

Everything About LISS Cardio Workout

LISS Cardio Workout

In recent days you might have heard of the term fitness people and trainers, which is “LISS cardio”.Have you ever wondered what this acronym means, and whats the goal of this cardio program? The concept of the LISS cardio is pretty easy to understand. The full form of LISS is a low-intensity steady state. It’s … Read more

Rowing for Weight Loss – Calories Burned & Workout Plans

Rowing for Weight Loss

We all know about boat rowing, but today we will have a precise idea about rowing as an exercise that imitates boat rowing movement using a rower. Flywheel rower is the most popular type of budget friendly rowing machine. Rowing is an easy and excellent choice for burning calories as well as losing weight. This … Read more

How An Indoor Rowing Machine Workouts Can Transform Your Body

rowing machine workouts

Exercise is part and parcel of our daily life nowadays. To be confident, one chooses to practice as the greatest weapon. With all the exercise choices accessible nowadays, it tends to be challenging to pick only one perspire approach. A few exercises are extraordinary for getting your pulse up, while others give a decent tone … Read more

Staying Active – Exercises After Knee Replacement

Exercises After Knee Replacement

Sometimes people think that they cannot do sports and physical activities like before and cannot be fit once again after knee surgery. But it is a wrong perception that needs to be changed. A knee replacement can be a way to a more active and healthier lifestyle. Overview Generally, you can resume many normal activities … Read more

Top 10 Benefits Of Elliptical Machine Exercise

Benefits Of Elliptical Machine

Often, we have to wait in line for a long time in the gym to use the elliptical machine, especially peak hours. After cardio machines like the treadmill, the most sought machine is the elliptical trainer at the gym. Elliptical trainers are also famous for home equipment. But there are questions like why this machine … Read more

What Workout Is Best For My Body Type

body type workout

Everyone has a different workout plan because everyone’s body type is different. Maybe you have ideas about three body types, but you hardly know that doing workout according to body type is essential for gaining your body’s desired shape. Your body types are preponderantly coming from genetics, that does not mean it cannot be transformed … Read more

Are There Any Proper Alternatives To Running?

Alternatives To Running

Running is a great exercise to maintain your fitness and stay fresh daily. But what if, for some reason, you are unable to run for a certain period. Then what alternatives would you choose? To look into that, you should know that people who are just getting back from an injury or osteoarthritis are prescribed … Read more

How Many Calories Burned On Elliptical In 30 Minutes

How Many Calories Burned On Elliptical In 30 Minutes

The elliptical is having a day by day increase of usage as home workout equipment. It is highly rated by the experts and recommended by trainers also. It is an effective form of cardio for all ages and levels. It is also highly prescribed by physios to patients recovering from a back, knee, or hip … Read more