Best Treadmill Workout For Weight Loss

Best Treadmill Workout For Weight Loss

A treadmill is the most used exercise machine for aerobics. Besides, being a multipurpose exercise machine, a treadmill also helps to lose weight as well.

Moreover, doing exercise on a treadmill has other benefits too. For example, we can use a treadmill for an extended period. We can exercise at home and enjoy our favored show on Television. As Treadmill comes with handrails, it also helps to recover from injuries. The Treadmill is a heart-pumping exercise machine, so it reduces the risk of having heart disease, improves sleep, uplifts our mind, and improves brain function.

We can find a treadmill almost in every gym as it is one of the most accepted exercise machines. Furthermore, Treadmill is a very convenient option for exercising at home, and it should be a must for our home gym.

There are some fundamentals of weight loss using a treadmill. Some of them are as follows:

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)HIIT means interchanging set of high intensifying workout and resting. A study of 2017 says that HIIT exercise is an effective method of burning calories and losing body weight within a brief period.

In the High-Intensity Interval Training method, we have to work out excessively for a short time, and then we can rest. This process burns out a considerable amount of calories and results in losing weight. Besides, after the HIIT method, our body efforts to come in a stable state, which metabolizes body fat.

The process of the HIIT method:

  • First of all, we have to set the Treadmill as its flat. Then we have to walk at about two MPH for nearly five minutes to warm-up.
  • Run at nine to ten MPH for thirty seconds
  • Walk at three to four MPH for sixty seconds.
  • Recap for five to ten minutes
  • Walk at two MPH for Five minutes to calm down.

For a progressive workout, we can plan an activity with a combination of sprinting and jogging. We can also exercise for more time following the HIIT method. Our resting time should be double to our high HIIT workout intervals.

Finding the “Fat-Burn-Zone”

When we exercise on a treadmill, exercising at “Fat Burning Heart-Rate” will lose more weight. This one is the zone when we burn out the highest amount of calories/minute.

To identify our “Fat Burning Zone,” we need to calculate our heart rate. Heart rate means the highest amount of beat of our heart in a one-minute workout.

Highest heart-rate= 220-Age

For example, if a person’s age is 50 years old, his highest heart rate is 220-50=170 beats/minute.

Generally, the “fat burning zone” is 70% of our highest heart-rate. If our highest heart rate is 170 beats/minute, our fat burning zone will be (170*0.7) = 119 beats/minute. This equation tells us how hard we should exercise to lose weight. There are some basic ways which are as follows:

  1. Firstly we have to wear a Heart-Rate monitor on our chest or wrist then walking in the flat set treadmill at two MPH for five minutes.
  2. Jogging at four MPH for one minute in two percent incline
  3. Running at eight to ten MPH, or till we enter our “fat burning zone” and running for fifteen to thirty minutes in this heart-rate.
  4. Jogging at four MPH for 1 minute.
  5. Walking at two MPH for five minutes to calm down.

“Fat burning zone” is not the same for everyone. On the other hand, some people enter into their fat-burning zone on 55% of their highest heart-rate, some on 80%. This one depends on different factors like age, sex, medical conditions, fitness level, etc. some may enter into their fat-burning zone on a lesser treadmill speed.

We may help our trainer identify our best speed and heart rate for the highest level of weight loss.

Getting out of a channel

A different strategy for losing weight through a treadmill can be switching up the routine by exercising in the other way every time. This method has some specific benefits as-

  1. Reducing the risk of injury: doing the same exercise can be stressful on our body. It may increase the threat of overdoing damage, which is terrible for our bodies.
  2. Avoiding the same training level: doing a certain level of exercise may lessen the result. You should challenge our bodies to progress.
  3. Preventing Boredom: following the same routine and exercise level can be tedious. So we should change our exercise routine.
SundayGentle yoga, rest, leisurely walk
MondayHIIT routine on treadmill for twenty to thirty minutes
TuesdayStrength training and lightly treadmill jogging
WednesdayRepeat of Sunday
ThursdayRepeat of Tuesday
FridayRepeat of Monday
SaturdayBody-weight exercise or barre class

Adding Hills

To make the treadmill method more stimulus, we can add hills. Walking briskly or running in an incline mode burns out calories even more as our body works harder at that time.

As this process activates muscles, this contributes to building lean muscles more, which helps to lose more weight and burns our calories more.

A method is as follows of an incline workout on a treadmill:

  1. First of all, we have to set the Treadmill as its flat then walking at two MPH for Five minutes for warming up.
  2. After that, we have to set the Incline to 1% and jog at four to six MPH for one minute.
  3. Then we have to escalate the incline 1% every minute and recapping this till we reach 8%-10% incline.
  4. We have to decline the Incline by 1% every minute and outline this till we go 0%-1% incline.
  5. Lastly, walking at two MPH for five minutes to calm down.

Usually, 4-6 MPH is moderate jogging speed. We can elevate the rate or enhance the timing for making this exercise harder.
To make the method straightforward, we can escalate the Incline by 0.5% every minute and recapping until we reach to 4%-5% incline then exercising in reverse.

Benefits other than weight loss

Exercising in a treadmill can help in many different ways than weight loss like improving muscles, controlling diabetes, improving memory, protecting against Alzheimer’s, making skin healthier, decreasing fatigue, promoting better sleep, and increasing energy level, boosting immunity system, etc.

The Bottom-Line

A treadmill is an excellent option for cardio exercise for losing weight and an overall health condition. However, we should discuss with a certified trainer for a better and effective workout routine. We should also consult with our doctor before starting any new workout routine.

Last Updated on April 6, 2022

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