2018’s Best Stethoscope For Nurses & Doctors [Reviews & Compare]

Best StethoscopeWhen patients see the stethoscope on a Doctor or Nurse, there is a bright display of confidence in the doctor by the patient. The use of best stethoscope gives the patient the idea that the doctor is not just responsible, but also reasonable.

The patient provides the doctor with an implied consent to treat him or her. It is worthy of note the fact that, the stethoscope has been in existence since the beginning of time and it is probably one of the most stereotypical medical tool; one of those tools which the medical profession identifies with.

There are so many stethoscopes that are sweeping the market today; most of these stethoscopes are the works and perfection of Dr. Littmann.

He was a significant contributor to the workings and realization of the modern stethoscopes today.

Here is a list of our top five best stethoscopes on the market;

PictureNameAmazon Price
3M Littman Classic III [Top Pick]
3M Littmann Lightweight II S.E
MDF Acoustica Deluxe
3M LITTMAN 6152 [Editor's Choice]
MDF MD One Stainless Steel

#1. 3M Littmann Classic III Stethoscope

3M Littmann Classic III Stethoscope3M Littmann Classic III Stethoscope

For great acoustics and sensitivity, the classic III stethoscope is just the instrument you need. When giving patients a general medical assessment, the Classic III stethoscope has proven itself in reliability and exceptionality in performance.  The dual tunable diaphragms inevitably give it an edge over most of the other stethoscope on the market today, because this dual tunable diaphragm makes it a whole lot easier to clean and to maintain.

The 3M Littmann Classic III Stethoscope is the newest Littmann stethoscope on the market. It is no secrets that the stethoscope saves lots of professionals from embarrassment during the use of a stethoscope. The stethoscope makes it easy for medical professionals to use the classic III Littman stethoscope.

This series of the Littman’s stethoscopes also comes with a two-sided chest piece that is versatile and can perform many other functions.

Both Nurses and Doctors can use this stethoscope, to identify, study, listen to heart rates, the lung and all the other body part the users use the stethoscope to listen to.

The 3M Littmann Classic III Stethoscope comes in handy when assessing and monitoring heart rate and lung beats; it can pick up both high and low frequencies.

Key Features

  • It has a high acoustic performance and sensitivity to aid in the smooth assessments of patients.
  • Its dual tunable diaphragm is a sight to marvel at. You can tune the membrane for both adult and pediatric use. Rather than method two stethoscopes, professionals can use the one for both kids and adults.
  • The new single-piece diaphragm is easy to attach, and also very easy to clean and maintain. The cleaning of the surface is smooth, without making any crevices.
  • The child or pediatric part of the chest piece can also convert to a traditional bell. All you need do is to replace the single piece diaphragm using a nonchill rim
  • The tubing colors are multiple, with multiple chest-piece finishes. The chest-pieces has a five-year warranty.
  • The tubing and all the other components that helps preserve the human health and environment do not have rubber latex or those phthalate plasticizers.
Pros Cons
  • Has both an adult and pediatric diaphragms
  • For professionals and students
  • You can clean and maintain the stethoscope easily
  • Comes in multiple colors, making it child-friendly
  • It is lightweight
  • It serves as a versatile tool; as a stethoscope and a bell
  • It can be stressful to tune back and forth sometimes.

#2. 3M Littmann Lightweight II S.E. Stethoscope

3M Littmann Lightweight II S.E. Stethoscope3M Littmann Lightweight II S.E. Stethoscope

This series of the stethoscope is an entry-level stethoscope, and anyone can use it. It is a simple stethoscope instrument. The instrument is has a tunable diaphragm and a dual side chest piece. The performance of the acoustics is off the charts. Because of its shape (teardrop), the auscultation which surrounds the blood pressure makes it the cuffs easier.

Because of its perfect auscultation performance, this special stethoscope is reliable in for reading some limited medical assessment and also checking and taking blood pressure in adults. This piece of beauty weighs just 118 grams, making it one of the lightest stethoscopes on the market, it is so light, even babies can carry it. The lightweight of this stethoscope gives the users of it, ease and comfort, both in use and wear.

You can use the 3M Littman S.E. stethoscopes to learn and practice your skills in auscultation. You can practice this skill anytime and anywhere; so long as you have the stethoscope, you’re good to go. The practice of your skill gets a lot better with a free app on your phone. Since it would be weird always to carry a stethoscope around, the app would be a better solution to help your learning, to master the stethoscope better.

Key Features

  • The stethoscope provides an acoustic performance that is reliable. Perfect for reading and also taking the medical assessment, as well as reading the blood pressure in adults. This tool is ideal for learning.
  • The stethoscope has a design that captures low and high-frequency sound. Fortunately, the tunable diaphragm can adapt and respond to simple changes of the pressure, to catch high and low frequency.
  • The teardrop shape of the stethoscope makes it easy for it to fit perfectly under the blood pressure cuff.
  • The new and improved automated headset. Its design is angled, which enables the headset to meet the designated part in the ear canal conveniently.
  • For efficient patient welcome and comfort, the nonchill rim and diaphragm are available on the stethoscope.
  • It weighs a total of 118 grams; this weight means the user receives comfort when carrying the stethoscope around. Plus the user or caregiver enjoys ease when using the stethoscope.
Pros Cons
  • It is lightweight.
  • Tunable diaphragm helps with better assessment.
  • Can use the stethoscope for learning purposes.
  • A free app is available for learning
  • Comes with an automated headset making it easier to pick a low frequency
  • The headset may be too big to carry around.

#3. DMF Acoustica Deluxe Lightweight Dual Head Stethoscope

DMF Acoustica Deluxe Lightweight Dual Head StethoscopeDMF Acoustica Deluxe Lightweight Dual Head Stethoscope

This particular stethoscope is the perfect example of keeping it natural. It is a handcrafted stethoscope, made in the 70s, 1971 to be precise. Thus it has a lifetime warranty, and it gives some free parts; with its free-parts-for-life-program, you can replace most of the parts, free of charge. You should consider this stethoscope the father of all acoustic stethoscopes. It is lightweight, meaning ease and efficiency for caregiver and users of the Acoustica stethoscope.

It reads and diagnoses the exact auscultation in which the heart and lung produce. Its design is ergonomic, making it suitable and comfortable for both doctor and patient use. The auditory diagnostics of the Acoustica is unrivaled on the market. It is precise and exact and able to pick very low frequencies of the heart and lungs.

It is a DMF Acoustica Deluxe lightweight stethoscope that has an acoustic valve with full-rotation, and a green light which indicates and identifies all the sound channels that are active.

For a secure acoustic transmission, the chest piece of the stethoscope has an ultrasensitive diaphragm that is put in its design.  It also has a large bell with a non-chill bell ring crowning. This crowning amplifies the sound. This reinforced sensitivity is what makes the Acoustica one of the unrivaled stethoscopes in the market.

Key Features

  • One of the highlights of this beauty is that it is lightweight, providing comfort and secure usage of the stethoscope. Its lightweight feature also makes it very efficient in picking up low frequencies
  • It is handcrafted. Plus it has a program called the free-part-for-life-program, which gives users access to a lifetime supply of Acoustica parts.
  • There are three small pairs of the MDF Ear-tips, and they come with a Comfort-seal. The ear-tips include; the small, the regular and the large. It should be worthy of note that the Ear-tip are part of the free-part-for-life-program.
  • For high performance and long-lasting durability, the stethoscope is crafted with lightweight aluminum.  It also has a dual-head chest-piece, that is precisely designed and also hand polished, which gives it the high performance and durability it has.
  • The stethoscope also has a patent ear-tip and safety-lock adapter, which prevent the puncturing of the eardrum.
Pros Cons
  • The acoustics is lightweight, making it comfortable to use
  • The free-part-for-life program assures buyers in the reliability of the product
  • A five-year warranty which  secures the buyer’s product
  • A very versatile and reliable stethoscope with a reinforced sensitivity.
  • Hard to clean and maintain properly.

#4. 3M Littman 6152 Cardiology IV Stethoscope

3M Littman 6152 Cardiology IV Stethoscope3M Littman 6152 Cardiology IV Stethoscope

Most of the professionals using this brand of stethoscope call it the next generation stethoscope, and it has considerable recognition amongst the medical profession. It has and offers an acoustic performance that is above average; it provides an acoustic performance that can catch high and low frequency.

This series of the Littmann’s stethoscope has a chalice-shaped chest-piece that distinguishes it from other Littmann’s stethoscope, but it also has the dual diaphragm that is tunable on both sides; the dual diaphragm is what makes the acoustic performance something that your while. And like all great stethoscope, this stethoscope can is versatile; both kids and adults can use this one stethoscope. You can also convert the pediatric part of the stethoscope to an open bell; all you have to do is remove the diaphragm that tunes to the pediatric setting.

The chest-piece of both adult and the pediatric, have a design of a single-piece diaphragm that caregivers can quickly remove and replace at will. You can replace the diaphragm with a sleeve of the non-chill rim.

The 3M Littman 6152 Cardiology IV Stethoscopes are also usable by even specialists physicians, nurses, EMT personnel medical students, and doctors; especially they want a beneficial result. It can pick heart and lung beats at the low and high frequency.

Key Features

  • Its auditory and acoustic performance is good because the audibility of the stethoscope has a high frequency
  • The cardiology stethoscope has a tunable diaphragm that makes users be able to tune into high and low rate (for adults and pediatrics).  When the user adjusts the pressure on the chest-piece, he adjusts the frequency channel to either high or low, depending if it is a child or an adult
  • One of the distinguishing factors of the cardiology stethoscope is the dual-lumen tubing. It combines the two distinct sounds and sends it to one tube, which passes on the information to the ear-tips.
  • The Littmann cardiology stethoscope is one of that many professionals use because of its versatility. It has a high sound quality that is consistent with all their products, and the performance of their acoustic is off the charts. This acoustic performance is the very reason many professionals rely on and prefer to use the stethoscope.
Pros Cons
  • It is lightweight, making it comfortable to use
  • It has a dual-lumen tubing that channels the sound to one tube
  • The performance of the acoustic sounds is of high quality
  • Any profession in the medical field can use this stethoscope.
  • Too many complication and procedures on how to use the stethoscope.

#5. MDF MD One Stainless Steel Premium Dual Stethoscope

MDF MD One Stainless Steel Premium Dual StethoscopeMDF MD One Stainless Steel Premium Dual Stethoscope

The steel premium dual stethoscope is yet another hand-made work of art. It was made in 1971 with a lifetime warranty and a program wherein you can get parts of the stethoscope, free. The acoustic of this stethoscope is something to marvel. The acoustical construction is that of a superior and stainless steel; this steel makes the stethoscope read and catch the accurate auscultation of the lung and the heart. Its sound is its integrity.

Both the doctors or caregivers and the patient enjoy the benefit of the extension in use. The ergonomic design makes sure of this enjoyment.

The MD one is not only a durable and useful instrument; it is unmatched when it comes to aesthetics and beauty.

The chest-piece of the MD one give it another edge; it is a chest-piece with a dual steel design that makes it practical and durable.

There is an indicator on the stethoscope that shows a green dot. This indication allows the user to know and identify when active sounds begin to channel through the tubes, so the user can know when to seal the sound.

The tube of the MDF MD One Stainless Steel Premium one is longer than an average stethoscope tube, which gives ample spacing between the doctor and the patient.

Key Features

  • It has a lifetime warranty plan that ensures the user is covered all the time. The program that provides free parts for a lifetime also assures users of the stethoscope reliability.
  • This stethoscope design is 100% steel, and the steel construction is acoustical, with stainless steel that is superior.
  • The comfort-seal ear-tip is part of the program; the free-parts-for-life plan. The comfort-seal ear-tip comes in large regular and small.
  • There is a dual-leaf construction spring makes the stethoscope extra durable; the manufacturer considers it twice as durable. This assurance gives users security.
  • This stethoscope has a patent safety-lock adaptor, which the manufacturer attaches to the ear-tip. It provides safety for users from eardrum puncture.
  • It is latex free
Pros Cons
  • The product is lightweight, for relaxed and comfortable use
  • An extra long tube, to keep a healthy distance between the doctor and patient
  • The dual steel feature make for better auditory and acoustic sounds
  • Users are part of the lifetime warranty and the lifetime of the free part program
  • The length of the tube gives the wrong idea to the patient.

How Do Stethoscopes Work?

Stethoscopes are instrument medical procedure practitioners use to listen to the sounds the organs in the body produces. These sounds are mainly from the heart and the lungs.

The modern stethoscopes come with a binaural design; users use the instrument with both ears. The composition of modern Stethoscopes is; two rubber tube, flexible of course. These tubes connect the earpiece and the valve.

The valve then connects the chest piece with the lid. The chest piece is either bell-shaped, which picks up low-frequency sounds, while the flat disk picks up high sounds. Place the stethoscope on the chest, where the heart is, or where the lung is to hear the heartbeat.

What Kind Of Materials Are Stethoscopes Made From?

A stethoscope has many components, each working hand in hand to ensure the sound quality of the instrument is right, the parts are, the chest piece, the stem, the flexible tube, the earplugs, and the binaural pieces.

There is a spring of steel that attaches the earplugs, so they fit firmly in the user’s ears; the material for the plugs are Delrin, a trademark product or a mold of silicone rubber that is a lot softer than regular silicone.

The chest piece has a metal aluminum plate or a chrome-plated brass. Stainless steel also suffices. The binaural-tube piece is a flexible polyvinyl chloride tube, or latex rubber, which makes it flexible.  

There is a steel ball inside the valve of a stethoscope with a dual diaphragm feature. The lid also has a steel spring in it.

Are You Using It At Home Or For Professional Purposes?

The primary use of a stethoscope is mostly professional. It is usually in the hospital, and all medical personnel uses it, including; Doctors, EMT personnel, medical students, nurses, cardiologist, the list goes on.

Although this instrument is mainly for medical use, or rather, for hospital use, many households are beginning to purchase the stethoscopes and in large numbers too.

One of the reasons why many people use the stethoscope at home is for the same reason the medical personnel and hospital use it; to check the irregularities and abnormalities of the hearts and lungs.

It doesn’t matter where we use the stethoscope, so long as it serves the purpose which it serves.

Buying Guide For Best Stethoscopes

Buying a good stethoscope help the medical assessment of a patient. It also helps the doctor have confidence in his instruments.

There are a lot of fake and mediocre stethoscopes in the market that may not produce the effect the users intends. The need for a buyer’s guide is vital to know how to detect fake and mediocre stethoscopes, and to get the best stethoscope; the market has to offer.

There are several stethoscopes for several medical professionals. There are stethoscopes for veterinarians, for cardiologists, for EMT personnel and hospitals.

Whoever uses the stethoscope, some of the following features has to be a given;

Good acoustic performance. A stethoscope that can catch both high and low sound frequency is suitable for both home and professional use. It encourages quality in patients assessment and results

A dual diaphragm feature that is tunable to both adults and pediatric use also comes in handy. Users can use the one stethoscope for both high and low sound frequency. The stethoscope has to be lightweight. The lighter the weight, the better the efficiency of the stethoscope. The lightweight feature of the stethoscope which is made from stainless steel constructs the stethoscope easy to use and produces the quality of sound good.

There is also a new stethoscope in town, the electronic stethoscope.

There are suggestions and arguments that the electronic version of the stethoscope is better than the acoustic stethoscope. Because of the electrical tuning of the sound frequency, the electronic stethoscope makes it easier to tune and adjust to pediatric and adult use. The acoustic stethoscope is a lot harder to tune.

Bottom Line

For whatever purpose and wherever you use the stethoscope, one thing is sure; it aids the smooth assessment of beating organs, such as the heart and the lung. It would, therefore, be a wise to get a stethoscope with a dual diaphragm that is tunable; it saves you a lot of money and time.

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